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Fastweb Winner Circle: Marci from Iowa

Leah Westfall

July 19, 2010

Fastweb Winner Circle: Marci from Iowa
Marci Clark, who recently returned to school to pursue a double major in public relations and journalism, will have a little help with tuition this semester. Clark, 34, recently won $500 in the U.S. Cellular Believe in Something Better contest. To enter, qualified applicants who were enrolled in a college or university, of the age of 17 and who lived within a U.S. Cellular calling area were asked to write a 250-300 word essay that answered the question "How will you use your education to make the world a better place?" Clark’s inspiration for her essay came from the announcement of a school closing in her community. Newton School Board recently announced the closing of Emerson Hough Elementary school, Clark who now helps chair the “Save Emerson Hough” committee drew from this experience for inspiration in her essay.

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“It really hit a sore spot in the community,” said Clark. “I wrote about how important it would be to the community to fight this battle to try and save it [the school].”
Clark offered some advice to students applying for scholarships that require essays, be passionate about what you're writing about.

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"I don’t know if it was necessarily, the best essay I’ve written," said Clark. "But it was written with passion and I think that came across." Clark, who attends Grand View University in Des Moines Iowa plans on using the money for tuition this fall when she becomes a full time student, she started taking classes this past June. This is Clark’s first scholarship from Fastweb although she said she has applied for about 25 scholarships in the past and is not done yet. According to Clark she applies for scholarships anytime she sits down at the computer and sees what she's been matched to.

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“I’m married with two kids” said Clark. “A lot of grants and financial aid don’t apply so I really rely on scholarships to help cover the tuition I can’t afford.” Congratulations Marci!

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