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Fastweb's Winner's Circle: David

Elizabeth Hoyt

December 14, 2012

Fastweb's Winner's Circle: David
Meet David, a 20-year-old from Gaithersburg, MD, and winner of GotChosen’s 40K to Give Away Scholarship. David is currently a junior at Montgomery Community College studying Environmental Science and Policy. David’s father was originally the person who encouraged him to apply for scholarships but he knew his chances would be better the more he applied for.

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“My dad was a pretty big backer but I would have applied for scholarships either way,” David said. “It made me feel better to apply for a scholarship so I did another, and another, and another.”
After someone told David about Fastweb, he joined because he liked that scholarships fitting a certain criteria were matched directly to him. As it turns out,GotChosen’s 40K to Give Away Scholarship was brought up as one of his matches.

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A month or two after applying, David finally got word that he won the scholarship. He had applied for multiple scholarships before winning, many of which he classifies as “easy”—scholarships that don’t require you to do much, other than enter. He also applied for some that pertained to his environmental interests. What did you have to do to apply for the scholarship you won? GotChosen is sort of like a raffle and I guessed it wouldn’t hurt my chances to sign up. When you sign up for the GotChosen scholarship, they put your name on a list. Then you can obtain sponsors--a sponsor is someone who will sponsor your name. It could be anyone and for every sponsor you get, your name is added again and I got some sponsors. If someone is not in school won, they could even give the scholarship away. What was your reaction to winning? Originally, my college choices were extremely limited. So this scholarship really helped—it was helpful to my family. It’s funny, when I saw the GotChosen scholarship I thought there would be so many people that signed up. I was in disbelief for weeks! You never know, so just sign up for as much as you can.

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What do you plan to use the money towards? I just got accepted into University of Maryland and I plan on using the money towards paying for my books and classes. If it lasts long enough, I’d even use it towards graduate school, too. David’s advice to other scholarship applicants, in his own words: Originally, I thought I’d never win—I thought the chances were impossible. Your chances are just as good as anyone else’s. The logical thing to do is just apply. Hang in there and stay positive. Life is full of up and downs and you never know until you try. Just stay positive and you’ll feel you’re doing better work and become more interested in your work. Optimism and staying positive—it’s hard, but try and you’ll find things get a little better. Post-Graduate Plans: Well, I’d really like to do something with the environment and animals. I’d really like to be a game changer, I guess. I really think the environment needs help and I feel like something needs to change. I want to do something big and I feel like winning this scholarship is a sign that I’m going to be someone that really changes things.

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