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Fastweb's Winner's Circle: Daniel

Daniel Guerriero won a $40k scholarship through Fastweb!

Elizabeth Hoyt

May 09, 2013

Fastweb's Winner's Circle: Daniel
Curious if people actually win scholarships through Fastweb? They absolutely do and here’s another $40k winner to prove it! Daniel Guerriero, 19, is going into his sophomore year at University of South Carolina who won GotChosen's GotScholarship $40k Give Away. How many scholarships did you apply for before you won this one?

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I only applied to a few, around 4 or 5.
So, tell us a little about your application process for the scholarship you won.

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I was with my friend and he was looking on Fastweb. I didn't know what it was and asked him. He explained what Fastweb was and said I should try it out – he had gotten some opportunities through Fastweb and thought I could use it too. I saw the GotChosen scholarship and decided to give it a shot. In order to win it you have to get sponsored and I had my dad do it along with some family and friends. I messaged a bunch of people on Facebook and asked them to sponsor me. You send them the link through email and it’s really simple from there. If someone that sponsors you, they have the choice of transferring it to me or keeping it for themselves.

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After receiving his invitation to become a sponsor, Daniel’s cousin, Carmela, signed up. Her name was chosen at random as the winner the second scholarship offered by GotChosen, Inc. Though Carmela is currently pursuing her Masters, she selflessly decided to transfer the scholarship to Daniel instead of keeping it for herself. What scholarship advice would you give to other students? “Just apply! It doesn't take too much time and it really helps out. You might not get everything but you never know - you might get something.”

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