FastWeb's Winner Circle: Kathleen from Tennessee

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August 31, 2009

FastWeb's Winner Circle: Kathleen from Tennessee
What is the name of the scholarship? And how much did you win? The scholarship was the Janette Ranking Foundation Grant and I won $2,000 per year. What did you use your scholarship money for? I used it for books and buying a computer.
How do you stay organized in your scholarship search? I do some research on Fastweb as a starting point. You will quickly see if you qualify for the scholarship. It is the easiest way to manage all the information. What motivates to you apply for scholarships? If my interests and goals match those presented by the sponsor I will apply. If not, don't try to fake it through the process. It is easiest to be true to yourself and it will be reflected in your essays. Do you have any words of advice for other Fastweb members? Don't get upset when you do not hear back from these grants with the thousands of people applying for the scholarships. You have to realize the odds of winning one are slim. I do suggest applying for the scholarships that are from your college. Many of those are under used. Don't be discouraged, college is hard enough and you have to make hard choices. If you win a scholarship, it is an added bonus. If you don't, you are no worse for the experience. Just remember that most scholarships are based on who you are so be who you are when you are writing. You are not trying to impress the professor with your language—you are trying to stick out in a sea of other applicants.

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