FastWeb's Winner Circle: Johana from California

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September 15, 2009

What is the name of the scholarship? And how much did you win? The name of the scholarship was Sam Walton Community Scholarship—Wal-Mart Foundation and I won $1,000. When did you apply for the scholarship? And how soon before you heard back? I believe the deadline was in May, and I heard back from them in July—so about two months of waiting. What did you use the scholarship money for?
The scholarship money went straight to the university so it paid for a portion of my tuition. How do you stay organized in your scholarship search? I usually write deadlines down in a planner and a list of what needs to be turned in—just stay on top of things as if it were an assignment. What motivates to you apply for scholarships? I think about what a great help and honor it would be to win a scholarship and apply—it doesn’t hurt to try. Do you have any words of advice for Fastweb members? Have PATIENCE—there are many scholarships out there for which no one applies. Don't be afraid to have to write an essay; this is money for your education and nothing is free.

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