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Fastweb's Scholarship Directory

Fastweb's scholarship directory allows you to search scholarships by all sorts of categories!

Elizabeth Hoyt

August 21, 2019

Fastweb's Scholarship Directory
Did you know that Fastweb has a scholarship directory? It's a handy tool that allows you to search scholarships by categories, including the following: • Scholarships by School Year
Ethnicity Scholarships
Scholarships for Honor Students
Military Scholarships
Scholarships by Race
Scholarships for Unique Situations
Note: You'll qualify for certain scholarships based on what matches the information you enter into your Fastweb profile. It's important to remember to continually update your profile in order to qualify for as many scholarships as possible. For example, are you in a new club? Did you take on a new hobby? Raised your GPA last semester? Ensure you update all of this information on your profile because it can help you qualify for more scholarships, making your search easier than ever when they appear in your scholarship matches. These changes can make or break your scholarship search, so update your Fastweb profile today.

Here’s a breakdown of the different sub-categories, to help your search:

Scholarships by School Year

It’s never too late to apply for a scholarship! Locate your school year and search scholarships you qualify for, based on when you’ll graduate. • Scholarships for High School Juniors
Scholarships for High School Seniors
Scholarships for College Freshman
Scholarships for College Sophomores
Scholarships for College Juniors
Scholarships for College Seniors
Scholarships for First-Year Graduate Students

Ethnicity Scholarships

Your ethnicity should be celebrated and finding a scholarship is a great way to do so! The following ethnicities celebrate students with scholarship opportunities: • Scholarships for Chinese Students
Scholarships for Filipino Students
Scholarships for German Students
Scholarships for Irish Students
Scholarships for Italian Students
Scholarships for Jewish Students
Scholarships for Korean Students
Scholarships for Mexican Students
Scholarships for Polish Students
Scholarships for Puerto Rican Students
Scholarships for Russian Students

Scholarships for Honor Students

For you brainiacs, celebrate your smarts with a scholarship for honor students, including: • Scholarships for National Honor Society (NHS) Members
Scholarships for Salutatorians
Scholarships for Valedictorians

Military Scholarships

There are two specific types of military scholarships available: • Scholarships for Disabled Veterans
Scholarships for Veterans

Scholarships by Race

Celebrate your heritage through a scholarship. They’re typically awarded through foundations, schools and memorial foundations but, luckily, they’re all listed on Fastweb! • Scholarships for African American Students
Scholarships for Asian or Pacific Islander Students
Scholarships for Hispanic Students

Scholarships for Unique Situations

Your unique situation is what makes you, well, you! Embrace it by applying for a qualifying scholarship, like one of the following: • Scholarships for Adopted Students
Scholarships for Bilingual Students
Scholarships for Students Who Are Also Single Parents
Scholarships for Gay or Lesbian Students
Scholarships for Orphaned or Parentless Students
Scholarships for Students from a Small Town
Scholarships for Students Who Received Foster Care
Scholarships for Women
Scholarships for Non-Traditional, Adult & Returning Students

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