Attend Do Something Boot Camp on Fastweb

February 03, 2011

Attend Do Something Boot Camp on Fastweb
Are you an activist, social entrepreneur or community leader? Do you have a cause that will contribute to the greater good that you want to promote? Learn how to be your cause’s greatest advocate through the Boot Camp on Saturday, February 5th, starting at 9 a.m. PST. Boot Camp is packed with how-to sessions on organizing your own community service projects or social enterprises, is streaming live on Fastweb.
The day’s events: 9:00-9:30: Introduction by Aria Finger, COO,
9:40-10:35: Ideas into Action: How to Start Your Own Community Action Project
10:45-11:40: Event Planning and Fundraising
11:50-12:50: Meet & Greet: Interviews with Attendees
12:50-1:20: Do Something Youth Panel
1:30-2:25: Using Social Media for Good: How to use technology to get the word out about your cause
2:35-3:30: Do Something U Showcase
3:40-4:30: Speed Pitch Intro & Speed Pitching Session details can be found on

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