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Which College Grads Make the Most Money

Career outlooks and superlatives.

Liz O'Neill

May 13, 2011

Which College Grads Make the Most Money
Highest Divorce Rates: Dancers If you’re scouting for mates, you might want to avoid dance majors, massage therapy students, and bartenders (who come from all sorts of academic backgrounds.) According to one report, these 3 groups led the 2000 Census in rates of separation and divorce, with over 43% of dancers and choreographers reporting marital fracture. Nurses also landed in the top 10 lineup. On the opposite end of the spectrum, optometrists, podiatrists and clergy members are categorically destined for long-term romance. Oh yeah, and guess who else? Engineers. Still, the study authors don’t know if divorce is a response to the nature of these jobs, or if certain careers attract people who are prone to unstable relationships. Best Reputation: Nurses For the 11th year in a row, nurses best all others when it comes to society’s perception of honest, ethical professionals. This Gallup survey shows them leaps and bounds ahead of the nearest competition: military officers and pharmacists. Teachers, doctors and police officers are next in line. Not surprisingly, America’s least trusted professionals include lobbyists and Congressmen, car salesmen, and advertising execs. Have you seen your scholarship matches recently? See them now. Happiest: Business Owners According to a Gallup poll that surveyed more than 100,000 working Americans, business owners score highest in 6 areas of contentment, winning the title of “happiest” professionals. The specific type of business owned (from plumbing companies to jewelry design businesses) seemed less important than the freedom and control associated with self-employment. Meanwhile, those Midas touch engineers – housed under the category of “professionals,” along with lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, accountants, computer programmers, architects, bankers, marketers and artists – still maintained good rankings. “Professionals” out-scored all others when it came to the Life Evaluation sub-index, but lagged notably in the Work Environment sub-index, which reflects how satisfied professionals are with their jobs, the degree to which their jobs exercise their strengths, and their relationships with workplace supervisors. Most Earth Friendly: ? This one’s far too subjective to call. You might make a case for green architecture/design students, oceanography students, environmental studies majors, or even sustainable management students. It could also be argued that graduates from online colleges are doing the most to curb pollution and greenhouse emissions. But of course, the over-achieving engineers have a stake in this category too, as one Swarthmore engineering major impressively demonstrates. This article was originally published on Monster College.

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