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Using Twitter in Your Job Search

Using social media can be an effective tool in making the job hunt easier.

Elizabeth Hoyt

June 08, 2015

Using Twitter in Your Job Search
Can Twitter actually help in your job search? Apparently, using social media can be an effective tool in making the hunt a little more manageable. By utilizing the simple tips below, you can position yourself into becoming a social networking super sleuth, detecting jobs tweet after tweet.

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Tip 1: Brand Yourself
Whether it’s your name, a description of your capabilities or your occupation or your brand, make sure that your Twitter handle is personal, professional and represents your personality and flare. For example, a Twitter handle showing a description of your capabilities might read @strngleadr, while an occupational handle might be @designerofgraphics.

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Tip 2: Network
Find people within your field and follow them. They could be past or present colleagues, people within your business network or other acquaintances. Introduce yourself via Twitter and utilize their connections once they follow you in return.

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Tip 3: Tweet It
While it can be challenging to express yourself in 140 characters or less, look at it as a writing challenge. Create your own original content that is thought-provoking within your field and share it to your followers.
When tweeting, it’s always great to consider the follower. Would I want to read this? Would I find this useful? You won’t gain much recognition if the answer to either of those questions is a resounding “no.” Tip 4: Search
Make the most of Twitter’s search function by looking for job openings. Become familiar with how to search in different ways, through hash tags (#), which make twitter topics easier to sort through. Search terms like #jobs, #job, #nowhiring, #careers, #work and other related topics will be most helpful to include within your search. In addition, you can add terms that apply to your specific situation to narrow down the results, such as #scientist or #Chicago. If you see a company that looks interesting, but they don’t have an opening that fits your specific criteria, you can follow them in case they post an opening at a later date. That way, you’ll see the job posting come up in your news feed immediately. Tip 5: Become a Follower
On Twitter, you’re able to follow anyone. You don’t need to have the other party’s permission to follow them and they don’t have to be following you back. Follow industry leaders, recruiters and headhunters and people within your field you’d like to get to know. Remember, it’s all about connections! Tip 6: Retweet
Never underestimate the power of a retweet. Read the tweets of people you’re following and, when you find something interesting or insightful, retweet it. It will flatter the person that wrote it and likely get them to notice you. It would be especially noteworthy if you add an additional insight to their tweet. Do this only when you actually have something of value to say, otherwise you won’t be drawing the right type of attention to yourself. Tip 7: Share Your Story
Cautiously share tidbits of information that others looking to hire might find valuable. Without becoming a braggart, post tweets letting others know when you accomplish something or make a significant contribution within your area of expertise. Share opportunities with others like seminars, events, articles and exhibits they may find interesting or relevant. That way, you will soon position yourself to become a staple user profile they regularly check for the most up-to-date information, making you noticeable, valuable and helpful – all qualities people would like to see in a potential employee. As always, remember the rules of social media etiquette. Stray from controversy, profanity and unprofessional topics. Keep in mind that once you post something, it will always be out there. If you wouldn't say it during a job interview, then don’t post it for potential employers to see. Tip 8: Play Favorites
Twitter also allows users to “favorite” tweets. If you read a tweet you find particularly fascinating or perceptive, add it to your “favorite” list. The person that composed the tweet will be notified that you've chosen their tweet as a “favorite” and will likely be flattered that you value their thoughts and added your own as well.

Have you made any job connections via Twitter?

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