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Unlocking Reasons You Need Internships & Keys to Finding Yours

What are you waiting for? You'd better get moving - summer internship positions are filling up quickly!

Sabrina Mcpherson

April 06, 2015

Unlocking Reasons You Need Internships & Keys to Finding Yours
Nothing sounds better than no school (Am I right?!). No essays, no tests, no teachers nagging you during the best part of the year, SUMMER. Between June and August, it’s just you, the sun, and endless possibilities. Go to the beach, have fun at an amusement park, or just laze around your house all day long: it doesn't matter because school is out and you’re HYPED.

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With all this new-found freedom, the choices are endless and you may not know what do with all this time in your hands. To make the most out of your summer vacation, consider taking on a summer internship. Without the stress of school weighing you down, you’ll have plenty of energy and time to gain experience and skills during the summer. Internships are a great way to put your foot in the door, career wise. Employers always like to see that you spend time making something of your free time.

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There are many opportunities for internships in the summer for undergraduate and, even, high school students. From marketing to computer science to education, students can work to gain skills used for real-life jobs after college. Some internships provide housing and payment for the time you spend there. Even participating in volunteer internships can get you ahead of the crowd and put you out there for employers to see.

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Here's how and where you can get started (but do so quickly, because internship positions fill up quickly!) in your summer internship search:

• Your School's Career Resources

Contact your school's Career Center or, as some schools refer to it, the Office of Career Education. Advisers are there to help guide you along on your path to a better future. They will have many options for you to choose from and will help you find the perfect fit for your major.

• Search Online

Another good place to start your internship search is online. Fastweb and many other online resources give students information to scholarships, colleges, and internships available to them. You can find internships, scholarships, job opportunities and even discover potential careers you never knew existed when you search the web.

• Your Dream Job

Think about where you'd like to work one day. Then, contact the office and see if they are taking on any summer interns. If they aren't, try another company or office within the same field. So, what are you waiting for? Get going - the positions won't wait for you. Remember, instead of grabbing for the remote this summer, get an internship and create a summer of experience you'll never forget!

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