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The Millennial Workforce by the Numbers finds out what millennials are looking for in the workplace.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

April 13, 2015

The Millennial Workforce by the Numbers
Millennials aren’t just the “newbies” to the workforce; they’re the future. Over the next few years, this ever-growing sect will determine workplace culture, benefits and emerging industries. Therefore, getting to know the goals, desires and ambitions of millennials will help to provide a bigger picture of what work life will look like in the coming years. recently released an infographic highlighting who millennials are, what they’re looking for in a job right now and hoping for in the future. According to the infographic, millennials make up 27% of the adult population and are the most ethnically diverse generation. They’re also the most educated, with 79% holding a Bachelor’s degree.
Unsurprisingly, millennials are glued to their smartphones, checking them on an average of 43 times a day. As a group, they spend roughly 5.4 hours each day on social media and 18 hours consuming media. The infographic states that half of all millennials watch an online video at least once per day.
In the past, salaries and bonuses were what employees valued most. Today, however, millennials indicate that they are more interested in loving what they do. Along with that, 81% want more flexible work schedules, 83% want jobs in which their creativity is appreciated and 46% declared that they hoped to one day own their own business.
While almost half of millennials want to run their own business one day, they are open to opportunities to move jobs now. About 30% of millennials have plans to leave their job within the next year, according to, while 43% said they would be open to jobs from other companies. Astonishingly, 91% claim that they will stay at a job for less than three years. What we can grasp from the statistics on this infographic is that millennials are engaged with the world around them via technology, which helps to influence them in their work. They’re also passionate about what they do and working toward becoming a leader, whether in their own business or the industry in which they work. Finally, millennials have their own best interests in mind. If a job is not providing what they need, they’re not afraid to leave. They may seem non-committal, but they’re just looking for a job in which they thrive, both personally and professionally. released this infographic as part of their Find Better campaign, which they recently launched to help millennials find their first job out of college or help with changing jobs. With new tools specifically targeted to millennials, Monster is doing its part to ensuring the success of the future.

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