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25 Best Paying Jobs for College Graduates

Kathryn Knight Randolph

October 04, 2012

25 Best Paying Jobs for College Graduates
Don’t declare your major just yet. Or if you have, consider making an appointment with your advisor to discuss a major change. We’ve found the highest paying jobs for college graduates. Although money isn’t everything, we can’t deny that it’s a big driver in determining what a student majors in or chooses as an eventual career, especially now that college is such a big investment. You want that degree to pay off, right?

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According to CBS Moneywatch, the authors of a new book, “College Majors: Handbook with Real Career Paths and Payoffs,” are making it easy for college hopefuls and students to find out which majors will give them the most bang for their buck. And the best part? These careers only require a bachelor’s degree – so no more investment past the four or five (or six) years it may take you to complete your undergraduate degree. 1. Medical preparatory programs – $100,000
2. Computer systems engineering – $85,000
3. Pharmacy – $84,000
4. Chemical engineering – $80,000

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5. Electrical and electronics engineering – $75,000
6. Mechanical engineering – $75,000
7. Aerospace, aeronautical engineering – $74,000
8. Computer science – $73,400
9. Industrial engineering – $73,000
10. Physics and astronomy – $72,200

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11. Civil engineering – $70,000
12. Electrical and electronics engineering technology – $65,000
13. Economics – $63,300
14. Financial management – $63,000
15. Mechanical engineering technology – $63,000
16. Applied mathematics, operations research, statistics – $62,800
17. Information systems – $62,000
18. Accounting – $60,000
19. Architecture and environmental design – $60,000
20. General mathematics – $60,000
21. Industrial production technology – $60,000
22. Public administration – $60,000
23. Marketing – $59,800
24. Political science, government and international relations – $57,800
25. Legal studies and pre-law – $56,800 When it comes to choosing your major, are you at all considering your potential income after graduation? Or does it not matter to you?

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