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2016's 10 Best & Worst Cities to Begin Your Career

This list may give you a good idea of where to start your job search.

Elizabeth Hoyt

September 09, 2016

2016's 10 Best & Worst Cities to Begin Your Career
When you’re searching for a job to embark upon your career, what do you look for? Prospects and quality of life are likely amongst the top factors in considering which city you end up in. Personal finance site, WalletHub, took these factors along with other relevant stats into consideration to create a list of the best and worst cities to begin a career. The site “considered the number of entry-level jobs in a city per 100,000 residents aged 16 and older, median starting salary, annual job growth rate, unemployment rate, and entrepreneurial activity. To evaluate quality of life, factors including median annual income, housing costs, a city’s projected population growth, and percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree were taken into account,” a Forbes article detailed.

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Spoiler alert: Salt Lake City, Utah, claims the top city due to the number of entry-level jobs available. Denver, Colorado follows in second, with Austin, Texas and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, coming in at third and fourth, respectively. On the other end, Detroit claims the title of the worst city to begin a career; however, Moreno, California actually has the top rank of the worst professional opportunities. Hialeah, Florida earned the top rank for worst quality of life. In terms of states, Texas reigns supreme with four cities within the top ten best cities. California seems to be the worst state to begin a career, with five cities ranked within the ten worst. You can learn more about the methodology behind the rankings here. When looking to start your career, it can be helpful to check out these rankings. That being said, keep in mind that every industry is different and you shouldn’t count out any location based on a simple list – it’s important to explore opportunities for yourself. This list, though, may give you a good idea of where to start your job search. Below, check out the rankings of the best and worst cities to begin a career.

    Top 10 Best Cities to Launch a Career:

10. Corpus Christi, Texas
9. Houston, Texas
8. Amarillo, Texas
7. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
6. Raleigh, North Carolina
5. Minneapolis, Minnesota
4. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
3. Austin, Texas
2. Denver, Colorado
1. Salt Lake City, Utah

    Top 10 Worst Cities to Launch a Career:

10. Mobile, Alabama
9. Philadelphia, California
8. Glendale, California
7. Modesto, California
6. North Las Vegas, Nevada
5. Hialeah, Florida
4. Akron, Ohio
3. Moreno Valley, California
2. Fresno, California
1. Detroit, Michigan

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