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Ten Steps to a Tech Career

Follow these ten steps for a tech career of a great success.

By Allan Hoffman

September 05, 2008

Ten Steps to a Tech Career Ten Steps to a Tech Career

Write a Program

Programming is an essential skill for technology pros. Scores of languages exist, such as C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic and more. Learning JavaScript is one relatively quick way to get started in programming. You’ll need nothing more than a Web browser, a text-editing program and the help of an online tutorial.

Install Linux

If you install and run the Linux operating system, you’ll accomplish several things at once. You’ll learn about the open-source software movement, and you’ll also get a quick course on an OS other than Windows.

Volunteer Your Services

You may be a newbie, but don’t stay that way. Find someone — even an older relative — who needs computer assistance. This will test your ability to communicate clearly about technology, an essential skill for tech professionals. Nonprofits, religious organizations and other community groups may also be in need of individuals with computer expertise, however newly acquired.

Contribute to an Open-Source Project

Just because you’re not a pro with PHP or MySQL doesn’t mean you’re not ready to contribute to an open-source project. The open-source movement needs people to help stamp out bugs, write documentation and lend a hand in other ways. Any contribution will help you make contacts and learn about the techie life.

Enroll in a Course or Workshop

Community colleges, universities and technology training centers often offer weekend or evening workshops with entry-level instruction in programming, Web development and networking. Online courses also provide a relatively fast, cost-effective way to gain insight into the field.

Build a Web Site

Forget about those automated homepage building tools. Instead, use your knowledge of HTML and JavaScript to display your prowess with Web technologies. Experiment, have fun and focus on useful tools rather than glitzy graphics.

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