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Steps to Success

If there were secrets to getting through college successfully that also help you land your dream job, you’d want to know, right?

Elizabeth Hoyt

April 11, 2018

Steps to Success
The entire goal of college, at least for most students, is to graduate and land a great job. Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, most students know that the ideal situation of having a job upon graduation is more often the exception than the rule.

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Getting through college is half the battle – and it’s something all students need to keep in mind. So, if there were secrets to getting through college successfully that also help you land your dream job, you’d want to know, right? We thought so. Here are some tips to get through college and factors to keep in mind in order to launch a successful career, according to

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Positivity Never under estimate the power of positive thinking! Visualizing positive thoughts can actually help bring things your way, since it helps you to recognize and focus on the fact that you’re, not only capable, but determined as well. Match Your Strengths to Your Major

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Consider what you’re strengths are and try to find a major that you will thrive in, versus struggle through. For example, you may love animals but, if science isn't your strong suit than the path to becoming a veterinarian isn't right for you. Pursue a Passion If you love a field and are passionate about it, you’re more likely to succeed. People are more likely to be successful if they have a passion for the study and enjoy what they do. It also makes a career more exciting over your entire lifetime, if it’s a subject you love. Have a Vision Similar to creating a business plan, create a career plan. Visualize where you want to be in the next year, five years, ten years, etc. Putting this into perspective will help you stay on the right track throughout your studies and, eventually, career. Determine Sustainability After you determine what it is you love and the career path you’d like to focus on, evaluate whether or not it’s a field that will continue to be in the demand for the future. Your full career will take place over many years and you want to ensure that the path you’re on doesn't have a dead end. Evaluate Your Competition It’s as simple as supply and demand. If there are more teachers than students, the demand for teachers decreases. Assuming you’re not at the top of your class, it will become much more difficult to secure a position within an overcrowded field. Eliminate Competition Choose a field that either has low competition levels or that you will be at the top of the competition. It’s the easiest way to ensure a successful career path!

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