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Some industries seem to be recession-proof. Why?

Elizabeth Hoyt

March 12, 2013

Now Hiring
Where are all of the jobs? This question has plagued job seekers in recent years, especially with companies cutting back on hiring due to the economy. The economy is better – in fact, 5.5 million jobs have been added since 2010, but there’s still improvement necessary.

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However, according to U.S. News, some industries seem to be resilient enough that they’re recession-proof. This may be because of the nature of the particular industry or are need-based.
Either way, the following industries are definitely here to stay, with record-breaking amounts of jobs available now and, more than likely, in the future.

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The Healthcare Industry – 14.5 million jobs

Healthcare is a recession-resistant industry. It grows along with the population and, as the population grows, they age – all of which aid the industry in a booming hiring spree that doesn't seem like it’ll slow down anytime soon. The Food Industry – 10.1 million jobs

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Bars and restaurants will always be around as long as people get hungry and thirsty. Now that the economy is starting to look up, people are spending money on eating out again, especially when they feel they’re receiving value for their money. The Retail Industry – 5.3 million jobs

Only certain types of retailers are at particularly high hiring levels. What do these types have in common? They’re the retailers that sell necessities, like grocery stores and tire shops, or the ones that sell discount items at places like pawn shops and bargain basements. Management Positions – 2 million jobs

Even though many companies have been forced to cut back on spending, people with management skills are still in high demand to ensure that day to day business runs smoothly.

What other industries do you see hiring trends in?

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