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Need a Seasonal Job? 755,000 Holiday Jobs Available Now!

Believe it or not, it’s already time to start thinking about that time of year again – if you want a seasonal job.

Elizabeth Hoyt

October 01, 2015

Need a Seasonal Job? 755,000 Holiday Jobs Available Now!
Believe it or not, it’s already time to start thinking about that time of year again – if you want a seasonal job. Within the retail industry the job prospects this year look fairly bright and is pretty on-target with last year’s 755,000 seasonal hires added to payrolls, according to global placement consultancy, Challenger, Gray & Christmas. But, with strong competition out there, what can one do to gain more job prospects?

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“Job seekers hoping to take advantage of seasonal hiring should be prepared to look beyond the traditional retail store fronts. Some of the best opportunities could be in the backroom, handling incoming and outgoing shipments. Job seekers should also look for positions at warehouses and shipping facilities associated with retailers and/or transportation companies." said John A. Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas within a press release. Challenger also had additional tips, advising workers to look outside of the traditional holiday shopping spectrum. “There are also many seasonal job opportunities that are unrelated to holiday shopping. Restaurants, caterers, movie theaters, and other entertainment and leisure venues tend to see increased business during the holidays. These establishments are also [in] need extra help to handle that increase,” Challenger advised.

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However, if retail is what you’re looking for, don’t worry. There will be plenty of seasonal jobs available. In fact, the holiday season alone accounts for 20 percent of the retailing industry’s annual sales, according to the National Retail Federation, which is exactly why retailers are going to be in need of all the help they can get during their busiest season! The following companies have announced their hiring forecasts as well as where workers can apply for seasonal positions within their companies. Note: many retailers are just starting to announce their seasonal hiring plans and we’ll keep you posted as they continue to do so.

Estimated Seasonal Hires: 40,000

The toy retailer, Toys “R” Us, Inc. released a statement saying that it plans to hire 40,000 seasonal workers this year, compared to 45,000 last year. The retailer did, however, mention that 20 percent of last year’s seasonal hires have remained on their team through 2015. Additionally, this seasonal hires will be offered the opportunity to take on “significantly more hours than in previous years, while also continuing to provide extra hours to current employees.” Most seasonal jobs will be part-time, with flexible work schedules throughout the week, ranging from 18-20 hours weekly and up to 30 hours weekly during their peak season (depending on each individual’s availability. The company plans to continue to build its holiday staff throughout the season, with interviews beginning this month and workers starting as early as October. The company has employment opportunities available in its stores and distribution centers nationwide, which will continue hiring seasonal employees through December. Learn more about applying for a seasonal job at Toys“R”Us.

Estimated Seasonal Hires: 70,000

The Seattle Times reports that the retailer plans to match last year’s seasonal hiring number – around 70,000 – throughout its stores nationwide. Learn more about applying for a seasonal job at Target.

Estimated seasonal hires: 85,000

According to U.S. News & World Report, the retailer is expected to hire around 85,000 seasonal staffers, around the same as last year’s 86,000 seasonal hires. Positions will be filled at both Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s locations in a variety of areas: stores, call centers, distribution centers along with online fulfillment centers across the nation. Learn more about applying for a seasonal job at Macy’s.

Estimated Seasonal Hires: 69,000+

The Wisconsin-based company estimates that it will employ about 69,000 seasonal employees, which is up from last year’s 67,000 workers for the 2014 holiday season. The retailer plans to utilize the majority of their seasonal hires within its 1,200 stores nationwide. However, they do plan to place an estimated 9,500 seasonal hires within distribution/fulfillment centers to help place web orders and an estimated 660 seasonal workers within the company’s credit card operations centers, according to ABC News. Kohl’s plans to fill these positions by mid-November, so get your applications in quickly if you’re interested! Learn more about applying for a seasonal job at Kohl’s.

Estimated Seasonal Hires:55,000+

People ship more packages during the holiday season, which is why FedEx needs to be prepared by hiring more than 55,000 seasonal positions, according to ABC News. That’s more than the 50,000 seasonal positions it projected for hiring last holiday season. Learn more about applying for a seasonal job at FedEx.

Estimated Seasonal Hires: 90,000-95,000

The Memphis, Tennessee, based-company plans to hire about the same amount of workers as last holiday season, according to ABC News. Hiring will take place from November to January, just in time to deliver all of those holiday packages. Learn more about applying for a seasonal job at UPS.

Estimated seasonal hires: 28,000

The Texas-based company has around 28,000 seasonal job openings, rising 12 percent from last year according to the web site InvestorPlace. The video game retailer added about 25,000 seasonal workers to its staff for the 2014 holiday season. Varied positions will be available, including sales and service advisers within retail stores, consumer electronic technicians within the company’s refurbishment operation center and warehouse personnel to staff its two distribution centers. The video game retailer considers the holiday season a crucial time for sales. Learn more about applying for a seasonal job at GameStop.

Estimated seasonal hires: 30,000

The Texas-based department store plans to hire at least 30,000 seasonal employees for the holidays, which is 5,000 less than last year’s seasonal hires, according to CNBC. This is likely due to the closure of about 40 stores throughout the past year. CNBC reported a spokesman for the department store saying that, while the total number of seasonal hires may be lower this year, JCPenney’s "ongoing efforts to improve processes, simplify tasks and streamline store operations allows us to run a leaner, more effective organization without limiting our operational efficiency." Learn more about applying for a seasonal job at JCPenney.

Estimated Seasonal Hires: 60,000

The chain reports a plan to hire 60,000 seasonal workers – the same amount of seasonal hires as last year’s holiday hiring projections, according to The Seattle Times. This is the first year the company has hired seasonal workers under its new increased hourly pay wages, $9 an hour. New employees may be able to make more depending on their department, shifts and positions, as reported by Fortune. Learn more about applying for a seasonal job at Wal-Mart. Need tips on securing seasonal employment? Check out this guide to getting a seasonal job this upcoming holiday season. Where will you be working this holiday season?

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