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Millennials Trade Full-Time, 9 – 5 Jobs for Freelance Work

Freelancing is on the rise -- find out how to get started.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

October 10, 2012

Millennials Trade Full-Time, 9 – 5 Jobs for Freelance Work
In an ideal working world, you would be able to set your own schedule and work toward the income you want and not the number set by your employer. Vacation days would be as plentiful as you like, and you could be your own boss. For many millennials, the ideal working world is their reality, and they’re making this possible through freelance opportunities. Elance, which surveyed 3,000 independent professionals, found that freelancing is becoming the primary work and income source for millenials, reports CNBC. The survey also found that 26% of those surveyed claimed that they did freelance work in addition to full-time jobs. Fabio Rosati, chief executive of Elance, told CNBC, “These workers want to supplement their income or are engineering a career shift, possibly to a different sector.” The survey indicates that the need for freelance workers is on the rise. CNBC reports that 57% of survey responders claimed their income increased in 2012, and 19% specified that their freelance income had doubled.
Respondents also forecasted that the following freelance jobs would see an increase in 2013: • Web programming
• Mobile apps
• Graphic and web design
• Online marketing
• Content writing So how do you get started as a freelancer? 1. Join freelancing communities. Post your profile and resume to freelance job boards like Elance, Amazon Mechanical Turk and Remember to include specialties in your profile so that freelance employers can find you for specific projects. This strategy tends to yield better results for freelancers. 2. Put yourself out there. Though freelance employers are scouring the boards for freelancers who fit their needs, it’s important that you do the same. Look through potential job opportunities, and virtually introduce yourself as the perfect candidate for the job. 3. Get organized. Unlike a typical job, freelancing requires you to handle all of the paperwork on the back end. Stay on top of your projects and clock your working hours with calendars like Klok or Harvest. Utilize sites like to track and receive payments, and if the ball is in your court to determine how much a job should cost your freelance employer, try the Rates Calculator.

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