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Looking for Seasonal Work? 700,000 Jobs Available Now

Roughly 700K holiday jobs are available now -- will you apply?

Kathryn Knight Randolph

September 27, 2012

Looking for Seasonal Work? 700,000 Jobs Available Now
Christmas has come early this year for those of you looking for a job. ABC News reported last night that roughly 700,000 seasonal jobs will be available this year, and some companies are hiring right now. In fact, retailers are hiring more this year than they have in the past five years, according to a survey by Snagajob. ABC News pointed out that the average hourly wage for seasonal employees is $7 an hour, which could total as much as $5,000 by the end of the holiday season. So who’s hiring for the holidays, according to ABC News?

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• Kohl’s – 52,700 jobs
• Walmart – 50,000 jobs
• Toys “R” Us – 45,000 jobs
• Target – 90,000 jobs
Many other retailers are hiring hundreds, if not thousands, for the upcoming months. And though these jobs have a “temporary” label on them, there is potential to stay on as a regular employee after the holiday rush. ABC News reports that last year, Toys “R” Us kept 15% of its seasonal staff, and Target kept 30%.

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If you plan on applying for a seasonal job, don’t wait until the last minute – apply now. In fact, ABC News states that most of these jobs could be gone as soon as the end of October. Get started on the search now with a few helpful hints: • Start the search online. Look up major retailers, like those listed above, and apply online to save time and inconvenience. This is also ideal for those of you who might be away from home while at school. Though you’ll be at home over the holidays, it would be pretty difficult to make it home to deliver your application in person. If the hiring manager gives you a call, ask about doing a phone interview instead of face-to-face to save you the trouble of coming home for a 30-minute interview.
Go door-to-door. While searching online for your job is definitely easier, it’s not necessarily best. If you can apply in person, there’s a chance that a hiring manager will do your interview on the spot, instead of having to wait days while the hiring manager looks through all of the online applicants. Your approach could mean the difference between getting the job now or losing out to everyone else who got applied before you. Looking for other, creative holiday job opportunities? Check these out. Will you be working a part-time job this holiday season? If so, where?

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