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Like Numbers? Love Labs? Consider a Math or Science Career

If you like numbers or love labs, consider a math or science career.

Laura Jeanne Hammond

June 05, 2007

Like Numbers? Love Labs? Consider a Math or Science Career

You’ve always been good at math and science, so why not put that talent to good use? Check out these careers.

Product marketing engineer
National average salary: $79,950

Wendy Logan always liked math and science. So she majored in computer science at Rice University in Houston and got a job at National Instruments in Austin.

During college: Even though Logan enjoyed—and was good at—programming, she was interested in other things, too, like presenting and writing. An engineering career has allowed her to develop those other talents.

“In engineering positions, you’re not locked in to just programming or doing math programs all day—you can still pursue your other passions,” she says .

She suggests taking as many AP math and sciences classes as you can, but also to be involved in other activities so you learn how to solve everyday problems, not just math ones.

After college: Though they work with math and science daily, engineers aren’t destined for a work life of solitary number crunching.

As a product engineer for National Instruments, Logan gets to do technical writing, travel and talk to R&D and the departments actually developing the software product lines she manages to determine what customers need from the company.

“On a day-to-day basis, I check in with my R&D team to see what features they’ve added, and check in with my sales team to see what their customers are saying,” she says. “I create demos, do example programs and do demos for trade shows. I still get to code, which I like to do, and be technical and engineer products, but I also get to present them and write about them.”

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