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Job Seekers: 5 Smart Steps on Twitter

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas

February 04, 2011

Job Seekers: 5 Smart Steps on Twitter
Every job seeker who is using Twitter for job search purposes pretty much just gets on board and hastily creates a Twitter account. However, a few calculated steps will be invaluable in the launching of your Twitter account for an effective job search campaign. Please read the following and see if you can tweak your account today: Choosing Your Twitter Account Name: Keep it professional, career or industry relevant. Include a Picture! Don’t Be Shy: Although you are job searching, this is also a social networking site. Besides, no matter what hang-ups you have about your looks — interviews are still face-to-face! Don’t Protect Your Tweets: How will others determine if you are tweeting interesting and vital information? Are you asking us to follow you before we even know what you are tweeting about? Besides, what are you hiding?
Be Selective with Your Tweet Topics: Remember that every tweet you compose becomes a Google page and will remain in cyberspace forever, so don’t talk about things that will come back to ruin your reputation or employability. Want to Connect with Friends via Twitter?: Keep your Twitter account for job searching professionally branded. If you want to connect with friends and discuss more personal topics, create a personal account and tweet whatever you want but use a nickname or pseudo name for that account. You want your professional account to be the one to show up in Google when someone searches your name! Right? Remember your online profile and social media accounts represent your digital image. This article appeared originally on via CAREEREALISM.

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