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Is Your Resume as Winning as Tom Brady’s?

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Kathryn Knight Randolph

September 18, 2014

Is Your Resume as Winning as Tom Brady’s?
Love him or hate him, Tom Brady knows how to win. He has won 148 regular season games, 18 postseason games and appeared in five Super Bowls. With that record, you can’t deny that he is ambitious, motivated and hard-working. Yet, there was a time when Tom Brady, like many other soon-to-be college graduates, had no idea what his future held. And that’s why he had a great resume to show off to potential employers, which he proudly displayed on Facebook this week in honor of Throwback Thursday. So does one of the most winningest players in the NFL have a winning resume? Education Experience

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Like Tom Brady, as a current college student looking for a job for the summer or after graduation, you need to list your education experience first. This is, by far, your most important asset at this point in your life. You’ll want to include your college name, year of graduation and major(s) and minor(s). You’ll see that Brady also included his GPA, which every college student or graduate will need to do as well. Now, if your GPA isn’t as impressive as Brady’s, here’s a way to make it look a little better. Usually, your transcript will also include your major GPA, which is hopefully a few points higher than your cumulative GPA. If it looks better, include that instead of your cumulative, but be sure to indicate that’s what it is. Don’t outright lie on your resume. After a few years and more work experience, you don’t have to feature that GPA anymore.

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Work Experience If you look closely at Tom Brady’s resume, you’ll see that he was a pretty hard worker. He has some impressive internship experience two summers in a row with Merrill Lynch. Those same summers, he also worked at a couple of country clubs. Additionally, Brady worked the summers beforehand. Clearly, Brady has a devoted work ethic. College students should develop a similar desire to pursue and commit to working when they’re not in school. It says a lot about what type of person you are when you choose work experience over laying out by the pool all summer. However, Brady could do a little more to make his work experience sound more impressive. His responsibilities seem a bit vague and are peppered with very generic resume terms. What Brady could have done to set himself apart from other applicants is get really specific with the details of his day-to-day responsibilities and list any accomplishments or acknowledgements he may have received during his time working. Additional Experience Finally, like Tom Brady, college students and recent graduates should capitalize on experiences they had outside of the classroom. Typically, students don’t have enough work experience to help define them as a professional or potential employee, which is why they need their extracurricular activities to round them out. Now, for Tom Brady, his interests seem to be concentrated in one area – football – in addition to a bit of volunteering. The average college student should try to get involved in as many different activities as possible without your academics suffering. Not only do these look great on your resume, but they will also help you develop skills you’ll need as a professional, like teamwork, problem solving and conflict resolution. While your resume may not win you five Super Bowls, it’ll still be pretty impressive to potential employers. And if you want to score more resume, cover letter and interview tips, head on over to Fastweb’s Career Planning channel.

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