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Is It Time to Move On From Your Current Job?

Is it time to move on to your next job opportunity?

Kizzy Preston

April 09, 2015

Is It Time to Move On From Your Current Job?
The day a recent graduate lands their first full-time job after college may be one of the best days in their lifetime. Finally, after years in college, and completing internships, the hard work pays off. After a while, however, the novelty of this new job begins to wear off. Soon the new employee finds him or herself having some of the same gripes more tenured employees have about their jobs. Many employees are unhappy in their jobs. How do you know when your dissatisfaction with your job is a signal that it is time to move on?

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Here are some red flags to look out for that may help in deciding if it is time to begin searching for your next job:
Low pay —
When you acquire your first job out of college, you may be so excited to receive the job offer that you don’t realize that the pay is low. It is often not until a new employee works a job for a while, that they realize other companies may pay more for them to do the same kind of work. If you are with a company for a year or more and you realize that your pay –even with raises—still doesn’t equal the starting pay at another company, it may be time to consider moving on.

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No opportunity for advancement —
Having an entry-level job is fine when you are fresh out of college. Most employees, however, have a desire to move up in the company.
If the company you are working for doesn’t allow you to move into higher level positions as they become available, even though you’re receiving excellent reviews in your current position, you may want to look at your options. There is no harm in seeing what other jobs are available with another company.
Too much work —
There is a fine line between working hard, and being completely overwhelmed by or taken advantage of at work. Sometimes a company will keep adding new job responsibilities onto a person’s agenda without any new compensation. It is important to be a team player, but also not be taken advantage of. If you notice that you consistently get new job responsibilities without any compensation or promotion it may be time to apply for a job elsewhere. All of the new job responsibilities you were given will look great on your resume, except another company will actually pay you for what you know how to do.
Poor management team —
A bad manager can make all the difference in an employee’s work experience. While you would not ever want to leave a job because of one manager, a horrible manager can completely ruin a work experience. If you have a manager that does not value your work, berates you or doesn’t listen to your input, this can be a serious problem. First, try following the chain of command for reporting abusive behavior at work. Check with the human resources department to see if there is anything you can do to rectify the situation. If no one in human resources or senior leadership can make your work experience more bearable, it may be time to move on. While you may not like everything about any job you have, some jobs are just worse than others. Weigh the pros and cons of staying in your current position. Then, if you still find it would be more beneficial to move on, do so.

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