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Improve Your Resume Before Getting the Job

Suppose you were able to give your resume the extra boost necessary to become noticed without another job?

Elizabeth Hoyt

March 28, 2014

Improve Your Resume Before Getting the Job
There’s a trend and, unfortunately, it’s not positive. There are a lot of college graduates, degrees in one hand, resumes in the other, who cannot seem to find employment. This leaves many job seekers in a pickle. Obviously, they cannot improve their resumes and, thus, get noticed by potential employers, without gaining more job experience. But, suppose you became the applicant with the best resume of all? Suppose you were able to give your resume the extra boost necessary to become noticed without another job?

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No – we’re not talking about lying. What we’re referring to are the other options you may have overlooked. Yep, there are other options and they are all waiting to be utilized! Work on the following tasks and, once you’ve accomplished them, implement into your resume. Once completed, your resume will be more attractive than ever before.

Create a Website

Whether you’d like to create a website promoting yourself or your work, just the mere that that you’re able to create a website will impress employers.

Develop a Skill

You can decide to improve upon a skill you currently have or develop new skills you think employers would find beneficial. Technology skills now, more than ever, are useful within the workplace. You can sign up for free courses, take online courses or look up workshops within your community.


Just because you don’t have full-time employment does not mean you can’t gain work experience. You can still work on freelance projects within your field – just market yourself through your brand new web site!

Get Certified

Depending on your type of field, you can get certified in a variety of areas. Certifications are often ignored, but they shouldn’t be because they legitimize your skill set. Here are some categories you may way to consider: Computer Certifications Did you know you can get certifications for computer programs you already know? Here are just some of the many examples: • Google Adwords
Adobe Certified Associate program
Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) Certification
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Microsoft Office Specialist, which is program-based
Cisco’s IT Certification Programs, which range from entry level to expert as well as offering specialties
First Aid, CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Certifications Most offices pay to get employees certified in these so hiring someone with these certifications would certainly be a bonus! You can learn more about pursuing these certifications here. Certifications to Teach English as a Second Language If you’ve known a language your whole life, chances are you can get certified to teach it. Your certification options are TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language) Certificate, TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Certificate, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate.

Join Business Organizations

By “business” we’re referring to organizations within your given field. Don’t stop at joining – become active in them as well! Not only do they look good on your resume, but they also provide valuable networking opportunities. Examples include: International Bar Association; American Bankers Assocation; American Statistical Association.

Start Blogging

Starting a personal blog can become a great networking tool for the job hunter as it will show prospective employers your personality as well as your strong ability to communicate. It’s imperative, however, to ensure that you keep it professional at all times! Additionally, do your best to maintain a positive voice, proper grammar, industry-related news and posts that are both high quality and unique in topic.


There’s always availability for volunteers and, the good news is, you can choose the organization you’d like to volunteer with. Pick one you’re passionate about so that you feel your time is being well spent. Employers will certainly find this admirable; you’ll bulk up your resume, feel great and make a difference.

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