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How to Create the Modern Resume

Compete in the modern-day market with your revamped resume.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

January 12, 2016

How to Create the Modern Resume
Your resume doesn’t just provide a look at your professional experience, it speaks volumes about who you are as a potential employee and person. A modern resume says that you’re fresh, flexible and willing to try new things or work a little outside the norm. So what does a modern resume look like? Replace the objective with a summary.

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It might be said that LinkedIn killed the resume objective. Rather, it asks users to input a summary of their work experience, professional achievements as well as what they may be looking for in a new position. The modern resume contains the same feature. Job searchers should include a summary of their past experience, skills and achievements. However, it will pay off to customize your summary for the particular job that you’re applying for. How will what you’ve done so far or aim to do be beneficial in this position? Explain that in your modern resume summary, but keep it short and simple.
Go all out with two pages. Traditionally, resumes have been restricted to one page; but if you have more relevant information to provide that can’t be contained in one page, you’re in luck. Two-page resumes are no longer the sign of a rookie resume writer. Rather, they’re an indicator of robust professional and educational experiences. Beware, though, of confusing quantity with quality. Don’t provide superfluous information just to get a two-page resume. For instance, you don’t need to include every odd job from high school when you have relevant internship or college job experience in the field to which you’re applying. Feature only what will help you land a job – and if that gives you one page, great. If it extends to two pages, that’s great too. Quantify and highlight your impact. It’s not enough to state what you did at a particular job anymore. Rather, you need the proof to back up not only what you did but how well you did it. Use numbers to show how you contributed to or grew profits, projects and company culture . Include ways that you improved upon your job or internship as well as new ideas that you helped to implement. These days, it’s not enough just to do a job; you have to have a real, lasting impact – and the modern resume needs to show that. Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself; this is one of those few venues in which it’s recommended. Your modern resume will help you compete in a market in which uniqueness and new ideas outweigh traditional experiences. Show that with your new resume.

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