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Health Care Internship Resumes - Ask Kim Isaacs

Ask Kim Isaacs, the expert, about health care internship resumes.

Kim Isaacs

June 08, 2007

Health Care Internship Resumes - Ask Kim Isaacs

Ask Kim Isaacs

QUESTION: I am a chemistry major and need help writing a resume for medical research internships. If anyone could direct me to any helpful Web sites or books, I would greatly appreciate it.

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WHAT THE EXPERT SAYS: A resume for an internship would have the same strategy as a resume for a regular job, except your desire for an internship should be stated up front using a resume title. For example, write "Honors Chemistry Major Targeting Medical Research Internship" across the top of your resume and follow with a brief paragraph describing your key qualifications. In this section, highlight any standout successes you have had in the classroom or in other positions you might have held. When using the Monster Resume Builder, put this information in the Career Objective field.

If any of your classes, previous jobs or volunteer positions have exposed you to research methodologies, tools or medical and healthcare areas, be sure to mention this in your opening profile as well.

Most students don't have a great deal of relevant work experience under their belts, but you can highlight your education prominently by providing a detailed list of Degree Program Highlights. In this section, outline courses in your major and concentration and describe important projects.

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