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Go to School While Serving Your Country

October 29, 2015

Go to School While Serving Your Country

Jose Gutierrez’s career hasn’t been a straight line, but his zigs and zags have taken him from Active Duty to the Reserve and from Security Forces to the Ivy League.

Jose started thinking about joining the Military in high school. “In all honesty, I wanted an adventure,” he says. “I wanted to see places, meet people and do things. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life yet, but I did know that I wasn’t ready to commit to a life of monotony and predictable routine.”

Jose joined the Air Force in a full-time, active-duty capacity, but after a few years he felt called to help others in a different way and turned his attention and efforts to becoming a nurse. He started taking prerequisite courses, transitioned to the Air Force Reserve and enrolled in nursing school.

But he didn’t stop there. Today, Jose, already a registered nurse and a staff sergeant, is a graduate student at Yale University working toward his master’s degree, and eventually his doctorate in nursing, with a concentration on global health. His end goal is to become a nursing professor.

With all of this on his plate, Jose is still committed to the Military as a bioenvironmental engineering technician. Over his drill weekends, Jose ensures that fellow Airmen’s work environments are safe, which complements his civilian career and studies. “My military job has given me another perspective on investigating how a patient’s environment, occupation and activities may be affecting their health.”

While your story may have a few zig zags too, it can be just as impactful as Jose’s education and career calling. With the Military, you can serve your country and attend school at the same time.

See more of Jose’s story.

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