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Gain More Job Satisfaction

You have to take your satisfaction with your job into your own hands.

Kizzy Preston

December 01, 2014

Gain More Job Satisfaction
You may have landed your dream job right after graduation, or you may be working a job until you can find the job you really want. In both cases you will have to take your satisfaction with your job into your own hands. While it may seem like it is the job of managers or supervisors to keep you happy in your job, this often is not the case. Managers can be busy managing several employees on the job along with their own job requirements. They are responsible for budgets and meeting deadlines. They don’t always have time to check in and see if you are happy or content in your job.

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Here are some things you can do to ensure that you make your job satisfaction a top priority. Pay rate: Before accepting a job, make sure that you know what the starting salary is. If you aren’t going to be paid enough to pay your bills and live at least semi-comfortably, you probably won’t be very happy doing the job. Money stress is usually one of the top reasons employees are unhappy in their jobs. So before taking a job, ask for the pay you really want. Responsibility: Be sure that you have a clear understanding of what your job responsibilities will be in your new job. Being aware of what to expect will help you to better prepare for the work you must do.

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Also, once you know what your job responsibilities are, and have mastered them, you can volunteer to take on more responsibility. Perhaps you have skills or talents that aren’t being utilized in your current position, often through volunteering you can use those skills by helping out a department head or another department. Cross train: See if it is possible to train in another department so that not only can you step in should that department need emergency help, but you can also have more skills to list on your resume. When it is time for an annual review and promotion, you can point out how much you have learned and contributed since joining the company.

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Speak up: Often executives in your company do not know about the problems you face in your day-to-day job. It is important if you run into any issues that affect your ability to do your job effectively, that you speak up about it. Follow the chain of command and speak to those in authority about what you need. Holding in complaints only leads to frustration and negative feelings regarding your job. Time off: Taking time off from your job is important. Everyone gets stressed and burned out at some point even if they have an amazing job. It is important to take time off to recharge your batteries. Try to save your time off to take an actual vacation to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. If you can’t take at least a full week off, shoot for a few long weekends per year. Just being away from the responsibilities at work will help to clear your mind. Keep looking: It is a good idea to be on the lookout for your next opportunity. While you do not want to job hop (starting and ending jobs every few months), it is a good idea to keep an updated resume on file should you see a job you want to apply for. It is horrible to feel like you are trapped in a job you hate, with no options for leaving. When you look for new jobs, it helps you to feel like you have the freedom to move on from your current job at any time. Use the tips above to ensure that you remain satisfied in your current job, while preparing for your next job.

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