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Cover Letter Quick Tips

Jazz up your cover letter with these quick tweaks with little to no time or effort!

Elizabeth Hoyt

June 24, 2019

Cover Letter Quick Tips
Creating a cover letter doesn't have to be difficult – or time consuming. Jazz up yours with some quick tweaks with little to no time or effort! Remember, your cover letter isn't meant to repeat your resume but rather to compliment it by supplementing it with examples, highlights and illustrations. Here are some helpful tips that anyone can utilize in creating or touching up their cover letter. Enhance yours by utilizing the following quick tips today: • Include your address and the recipient’s address (if applicable).

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This is just proper form! • If you’re not addressing somebody specific, then don’t address anyone at all. Never include phrases such as “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern” because it seems as if it’s a generic letter, sent out to many businesses, which reflects poorly on an applicant.

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Keep it short and sweet. You never know how many applicants are in pursuit of the position or how many letters that hiring managers need to go through. Keep your letter to the point – one page is usually best. • No introductions are necessary. Employers are smart enough to gather that a letter signed by you is from you, so you don’t need to begin with “My name is…” or “I’m applying for XYZ position.” They know the position they’re hiring for, so you don’t need to tell them.
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Nobody likes a braggart. Avoid beginning every sentence with “I.” You do want to sound confident; however, saying “I” all the time can come across as arrogant. By avoiding “I’s,” it’s easier to relate experiences without alienating your reader. • PDFs are perfect. Why? Everyone can easily open a PDF file because it doesn’t need to be converted. • Avoid repeating your resume. Instead, give concrete examples of your accomplishments that demonstrate your credentials for the position you’re pursuing and how you could benefit the company in its goals. • No copycats. Never use the exact wording from a job listing within your cover letter. Do, however, keep the job requirements they have mentioned in mind. • Stay formal. No matter what form the cover letter takes (email, hard copy, etc.) keep it formal and businesslike.
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