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Celebrities are Stealing Your Internships

Find out how the celebrities are stealing your internships!

Kathryn Knight Randolph

June 08, 2007

Celebrities are Stealing Your Internships
The public loves when celebrities humble themselves and do every day, "normal" activities, such as grocery shopping and playing with their kids at the park. But as we near the summer months, and inevitably the need to find summer jobs and internships, we can't help but resent celebrities for their "need" to find work. Find out which celebs are nabbing your chances at the hottest internships. *Kanye West*: West has been known for his revolutionary music, his controversial mouth, and his assertion that posing naked will change the face of hip-hop forever. How? We're not so sure. Now, West plans on conquering the fashion world. He has nabbed a spring internship with Louis Vuitton in London. We have a feeling he'll have his sights on working with LV's sunglasses line. *Lauren Conrad*: More famously known as "LC." America began tracking LC through MTV's "reality" shows Laguna Beach and The Hills. During season one of The Hills, LC had the good fortune to secure an internship with Teen Vogue. Oddly enough, an increase in readership for Teen Vogue coincided with the airing of season one. Looks like the publicity stunt worked to both parties' advantage.

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*Sean Avery*: This now former Dallas Stars team member interned at Men's Vogue. Job duties included blogging…and that's about it. The hockey player is now unemployed due to the public's disinterest in men's fashion and his inability to keep it classy when asked about his ex-girlfriends. Apparently bad-mouthing women qualifies for a suspension in the NHL--who knew the league was powered by such chivalrous gentlemen? *Miley Cyrus*: Remember when Disney princess Miley Cyrus posed almost nude for Vanity Fair? Most blamed the scandal on Annie Leibovitz for taking advantage of the minor. However, the experience excited a passion for photography in Cyrus, who hopes to procure an internship in London within the next few years. And who would she like to have as a mentor? The irony is just all too obvious.

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