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Careers to Consider

Whether you’ve graduated or are in college, the job search is inevitable.

Elizabeth Hoyt

May 16, 2013

Careers to Consider
For students in college, the ultimate goal upon graduation is nearly always to land a great job. Whether you’ve graduated, are set to graduate or still in college, the job search is an inevitable reality. As soon as you find yourself ready for the hunt, it’s difficult to decide where to begin. The job market can be tricky and it’s always helpful to have an idea about what types of jobs are both lucrative and available. When you begin the search, here are some great options in the job market to consider, according to, complete with median salary estimates.

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1. Biomedical Engineer
Annual Salary: $49,804
Though it may not seem like the best salary from the start compared to other engineering positions, Biomedical Engineers tend to have a steady salary growth that’s faster than most. Plus, according to the Bureau of Labor’s statistics, there’s a likely 62 percent increase in positions for Biomedical Engineers. It certainly sounds like it’s going to a bright future for those interested in medical research and innovation.
2. Chemical Engineer
Annual Salary: $64, 089
The beauty of being a Chemical Engineer is that they’re needed around various industries. Translation: more opportunities for those in the field, across all fields.
3. Meeting/Event Assistant
Annual Salary: $44,189
For non-science minded folks, a Meeting/Event Assistant positioncan be quite enticing. Though the salary is pretty average, applicants should consider that the field has numerous other perks like travel and rubbing elbows with higher-ups, which creates invaluable networking potential.
4. Pathology Assistant
Annual Salary: $72,263
Afraid of the morgue? You may get over your fears quicker than you can say “stable future.” Plus, being faced with post-mortem job tasks is only a small percentage of a Pathology Assistant’s job description. While specialized training and certification is necessary, the rewards make it worthwhile: think more money and more career stability.
5. Petroleum Geologist
Annual Salary: $79,307
Nearly $80k as a median salary? While money isn’t everything, it sure makes a difference in daily life. Keep in mind, though, that the more advanced the degree, the more advanced the salary. Additionally, the increasing opportunities within the oil industry make it a smart career choice, with ample job openings now and projected for the future.
6. Software Developer
Annual Salary: $57,916
Despite many companies outsourcing software development overseas, the Bureau of Labor’s statistics predicts demand for develops will continue to rise through 2020 due to the an ever-increasing demand for the creation and support of computer programs. Software Developers also have faster than average salary increases, in addition to a great starting salary. If you’ve got the technical skills, trying out a career in software development may just help you break bank in the future.
7. Ultrasound Technologist
Annual Salary: $65,339
Like any lucrative position, becoming an Ultrasound Technologist can require a small amount of hoop-jumping since the job requires a degree plus training and, perhaps, registering with the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers. For those that do qualify or decide to pursue a job within the field, the starting salary is certainly something to write home about. Not to mention amazing job security. There’s a projected 44 percent increase in available job positionsin the next eight years alone. In a tough economy, that’s music to any applicant’s ears. Don’t love these job position prospects? There are plenty more out there! Check out Monster as a resource for your job search!

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