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Career Profile: Firefighter

Considering a career as a firefighter?

November 07, 2011

Career Profile: Firefighter
A firefighter’s job involves the protection of life, property and environment. Fighting fires is dangerous and complex, therefore requiring organization and teamwork. Firefighters provide emergency medical attention, ventilate smoke-filled areas, and attempt to salvage the contents of buildings. Other duties include routine apparatus maintenance, drilling, and training in new techniques. Median Annual Salary $45,000
Education Requirements Applicants are required to have a college degree or equivalent education.* A knowledge of Spanish is very important; those who aren’t able to pass the language test during application are required to take training before being assigned to a post. Job Outlook Most fire fighters have a high school diploma, however the completion of community college courses, or in some cases, an associate degree, in fire science may improve an applicant’s chances for a job.

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