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Career Profile: Dispatcher

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November 22, 2011

Career Profile: Dispatcher
Job Description Dispatchers are responsible for handling calls for assistance from the public (often through 911 systems) and dispatching the appropriate type of emergency response units. Dispatchers must be able to obtain enough detail from the situation to properly determine the type, seriousness, and location of the emergency. They operate out of police station or centralized command center and often remain on the line with those requesting assistance to monitor the situation. After each situation, a Dispatcher is responsible for maintaining a detailed log of all activity that occurred during their shift. Median Annual Salary $31,470
Education Requirements Applicants for this position are required to have a high school diploma and often state mandated training or certification. A general college degree or state sponsored course in basic dispatch skills can greatly increase an applicants chances of being hired. Job Outlook Job prospects for Dispatchers are expected to remain strong. Applicants can further increase their opportunities by becoming familiar with computer-based communications and record keeping systems, which are becoming increasingly complex.

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