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Career Profile: Biotech Sales Representative

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November 22, 2011

Career Profile: Biotech Sales Representative
Job Description Do you like reading up on new science and technology? It’s part of the job as a biotech sales representative, which requires sellers to stay abreast of scientific trends for their business. Biotech companies study biological processes, and offer products which are used to develop more effective medicines, consumer products, and industrial processes. Advances in biotechnology have led to new drugs and vaccines, disease-resistant crops, more efficient enzymatic manufacturing processes, and novel methods of dealing with hazardous materials. Sales reps generate revenue by preparing and implementing sales plans for biotechnical products, identifying and qualifying customers, and initiating and closing. Median Salary
$70,000 – $118,000 (Includes Commission) Education Because the industry is experiencing such rapid growth, biotechnology firms often demand more skilled workers than are available. A bachelor’s degree and a background in the life sciences is generally required, and prior sales work is also preferred. A successful sales rep must be a quick study. Part of the job is being able to understand research findings, and keep up with a rapidly changing industry. Job Outlook The number of biotech sales jobs is expected to increase nationally by 51,000 (12.4%) by 2016. Job growth will be spurred by healthcare aging population and continual innov. Projected growth varies by industry. For example, employment is projected to grow faster in healthcare and related services. Since the scientific research and development services industry is continuously on the cutting edge of knowledge, it is constantly evolving.

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