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Before They Were Prez: Job Tips from Our Founding Fathers

Nealeigh Mitchell, Steve Berman, Saunders Moore | NonProfitPeople

February 16, 2010

George W. Bush

Prior Experience: Pro-Sports team owner

Although “Dubya” wasn’t as accomplished a baseball player at Yale as his father was, he sure was a fan. To demonstrate his athletic pride, he put together a group of investors that bought the Texas Rangers and became an owner of the team! While his investment was relatively small ($800,000), serving as the managing general partner made him a known figure to both the media and the fans. A few years after winning the title of Texas governor, Bush sold the Rangers for a hefty earning ($14.9 million).

Moral of the story: Whether you’re thinking about running for office or are just looking for a job, remember you’re your best PR team. You know your strengths the best and have to be assertive in advocating for what you’re looking for. Once you let other people know what assets you can offer, they’ll be sure to include you on any winning team.

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