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Five Things to Think About When Picking a College

Consider these five things to think about when picking a college.

Dr. Uma Gupta, Ceo, Global Cube Consulting

September 07, 2011

Five Things to Think About When Picking a College

Before you select a college or university, you must have a clear idea as to what you are looking for in a college or university. You may not know exactly what you wish to study or your career goals and that is okay. I will discuss five simple things you must consider even before you browse through the web pages of colleges and universities:

Urban or rural?

If you are an urban bird, don't select a school in an isolated rural environment or vice versa. This just prolongs the time it takes to adjust to college life.

Small or large?

If you like a small intimate setting, selecting a university with 52,000 students is not a good idea. Focus on colleges with a small student body.

Career-focused or life-focused?

Some colleges and universities are interested in preparing you to deal with life – they believe a career will follow. Others focus on a career – and don't pay attention to your all-round development. True, no school will admit this! Of course, some are focused on both. If you can find such a college, go for it!

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Does anyone look like me?

If it is important for you to have class mates from your cultural, ethnic, or economic background find a college that has a diverse student population.

Residential or non-residential?

Is living on campus important to you or do you want to live on your own? Some colleges have strict residential requirements and hence you should pay attention to this.

These are just a few things to consider before you put your pen or mouse to a college application!

Dr. Gupta can be reached at and is the President and CEO of Global Cube Consulting.

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