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Leah Westfall

June 28, 2012

Back to School Scholarships to Apply to Now
Number two pencils? Check. Notebook? Check. Calculator? Check. Scholarship? Uh oh. So maybe you don’t have quite everything on your back to school checklist in your summer sunned little hands, but don’t sweat. We’ve got a list of ten scholarships with deadlines that conveniently fall right around the time you’ll be hearing your first period bell ringing. *Dr. James Watson Fellowship Program* The Dr. James Watson Fellowship Program is open to second - year graduate students in fields related to turfgrass science or a related field. You must be planning to pursue a career in research, instruction, or extension service in a university setting to be eligible for this award.
*Award:* Four awards of $5,000.
*Deadline:* October 1, 2012

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Apply Now *Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Scholarship* The Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Scholarship is available to undergraduate students who are dependents of New Jersey Law Enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty. You must be a full-time student in an approved New Jersey institution of higher education to be eligible for this award.
*Award:* Variable number of awards
*Deadline:* October 1, 2012
Apply Now *Prom Guide Model Scout Contest* The Prom Guide Model Scout Contest is available to high school juniors and seniors. To be considered, you must register as a Prom Guide model scout who will help discover Prom Guide's next top model. You will then direct your models to and make sure they enter your full name in the teen scout box when registering online. You will be awarded a scholarship if any of your recruits become the top model.
*Award:* Variable number of awards of $1000
*Deadline:* October 1, 2012
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*DEED Student Research Grant/Internship* The DEED Student Research Grant/Internship is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are studying in energy-related disciplines. You must be enrolled in an accredited college or university located in the United States or Canada and obtain a DEED member-sponsor for your student research grant/internship to be eligible for this award. You are expected to provide host utilities with technical assistance and to participate in a research, development and demonstration program to conduct activities related to energy innovation, improving efficiencies and lowering the cost of providing energy services to customers of publicly owned electric utilities. Successful applicants will conduct research on a project approved by the sponsoring facility and submit a final report on the project.
*Award:* 10 awards of $4,000
*Deadline:* October 15, 2012
Apply Now *Future Engineers Scholarship* The Future Engineers Scholarship is available to full - time sophomore and junior students who are pursuing a degree in engineering. You must be enrolled in a school of engineering at an accredited institution and have at least a 3.0 GPA to be eligible for this award. An essay is also required.
*Award:* One award of $5000
*Deadline:* October 15, 2012
Apply Now *SAFE Scholarship* The SAFE Scholarship is available to students who are pursuing a career in the sports turf industry. Selection for this award will be based on academic preparation, cumulative grade point average, experience in sports turf management, and references. Membership in the Sports Turf Managers Association is also required.
*Award:* Variable number of awards of up to $1,000
*Deadline:* October 15, 2012
Apply Now *NACDS Foundation Pharmacy Student Scholarship* The NACDS Foundation Pharmacy Student Scholarship is available to students who have a strong interest in pursuing a career in community pharmacy. You must be nominated by the dean of your school to be considered for this award. Award: Variable number of awards
Deadline: October 31, 2012
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