Time Management Tricks

Make the most of your collegiate experience with great time management skills.

By Making it Count

April 21, 2009

Time Management Tricks

Time Management. It sounds boring, but it’s critical to making the most of your college experience and achieving your goals. Here are some tricks to help you maximize your time:

1. Schedule early classes

Eight o’clock classes if you can get up easily, nine o’clock if you can’t. They will force you to get out of bed at a reasonable time, not unlike you did in high school (or what your future employer will expect from you).

2. Study between classes

Often you’ll have one or two hours to kill. Go to the library and put those hours to work for you. It’s amazing the number of ways people waste time between classes. Get into the routine of making valuable use of these time slots.

3. Study after class before dinner

This seems rather obvious, but many students are content to watch soap operas, talk shows, and reruns of “The Simpsons” in the afternoon. Spending hours online in chat rooms and on message boards is another distraction. Why not put this time to better use, and have some real fun in the evening, or on the weekend.

4. When you study, focus on it

Make it quality study time, not social time. Do it in a quiet environment and at a high level of intensity. If you maximize the quality of your effort, you’ll minimize the amount of time you need to give it.

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