Tempus Fugit: Make Time Your Ally

June 05, 2007

Ever since I was in elementary school, I always felt like time would always move at a glacial pace. Young and energetic, I could not concur with the ancient Roman saying, “tempus fugit” or “time flies”. However, I blink my eyes, and suddenly I am 17 years old. Anxiety-driven, I am sitting at my computer with a cup of coffee, trying to complete applications, essays, homework and club activities before their deadlines. The early action and early decision deadlines are creeping down to the last few days. Glacial time was my enemy in my youth, and now accelerated time is my enemy in my senior year.

Time speeds in high school, especially when you are a senior. It makes sense because every senior high school student essentially stands at a crossroad in his or her life. Students must continue to finish their present work in high school and plan their future with the proper test scores, applications and recommendations. I think that all seniors should literally take a leaf out of Ben Franklin’s book, Autobiography. In his book, Franklin wrote about his scheduled time for his daily routines. He thought that if he organized his day, then he could make the most out of his efforts. As I see my accumulated homework and my online applications, I cannot differ with his opinions. Time management can really reduce college anxiety for seniors.

I recommend making a planned schedule. Know your deadlines and work on the applications on a daily basis. A simple monthly plan can help defer you from haphazard essay or a poor response. In addition, request recommendations as soon as possible. Just as students appreciate extra time for any assignment, so will your instructors.

Furthermore, find a balance between your homework and other tasks. Whenever I feel burned out, I just stop for a couple of minutes, check my Facebook account, and continue with homework. While this time management is the recipe for induced senioritis, I think that all seniors should plan the appropriate time to just chill and relax. For example, I always promise myself to forget about school and just rest every Friday evening.

However, as I reflect upon the life of Ben Franklin, I realize that he carried some very prudent viewpoints about time. While he acknowledged that time moves quickly, he also realized that time can bring many new beginnings, new starts and new opportunities. He made the smart choices to regard time as ally rather than a foe.

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