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It’s Your Life—Let the New FastWeb Help You Live It

It’s Your Life—Let the New FastWeb Help You Live It

April 21, 2009

College can be tough. But it also makes for some of the best years of your life. Debating going to the party or doing your paper? Not getting along with your roommate? Fighting the freshman 15? Been there. Done that. And we can help. We’ve been around the block a few times and we’re offering up all the helpful tips and tricks we’ve gathered along the way. First hand advice from students all over the country and FastWeb writers who’ve been there and lived to tell about it. College culture. Personal experiences. Cash crunches. We’ve got your covered. We’ll even fill you in on parent stuff—from their perspective and yours. And stick around for the Community Forums, where you can chat with other students like you, coming soon.

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Trying to avoid the freshman 15? Having trouble with your roommate? Need advice on making your money last? Get information on everything from campus life to off-campus living.

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