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The 5 Most Entertaining Ways to Procrastinate

The 5 Most Entertaining Ways to Procrastinate

Ariana provides some great ways to procrastinate just in time for finals.

By Ariana Pugh

April 27, 2012

To survive college, it’s crucial to learn two things quickly: the first is to stop procrastinating. Putting off your work will only ever make your life more difficult and more stressful when it comes down to crunch time. It’s a lot easier to do a little bit at a time than it is to fit it in all at once.

That said, the second thing to learn is that sometimes a little stress relief and procrastination is the best thing for you. So when you finally hit that ‘Forget it, I’ll do it tomorrow’ point, here are the five best ways to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your wasted time.

1) Find friends. This is a lot easier to do if you live in a residence hall or share an apartment, but even if you live at home, friends are usually a phone call away. For maximum procrastination benefit, you need to be in the physical presence of said friends, and they need to be procrastinating, too.

Now start talking about something interesting and laughing. Next thing you know, you’re making cupcakes or watching Mad Men and feeling absolutely no obligation whatsoever to be a functional adult.

2) If there’s one thing the Internet does well, it’s pictures of cats. The Procatinator ( combines procrastination and cats in the best possible way. The site sets hilarious moving .gifs of cats to music – everything from opera to the Beastie Boys to cutting-edge trance – and they’re incredibly well matched.

It sounds sort of lame on paper, but visit the site for a few minutes, and next thing you know you’ve been there for an hour (and you have ‘Jump in the Line’ stuck in your head).

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3) Take a walk. This might be the most reasonable and responsible option here. Going for a walk allows you to you get some exercise and new scenery, giving you a chance to calm down and clear your head. Often, it gives you fresh ideas for that paper you’re stuck on, or relieves the stress that was causing you to procrastinate in the first place.

Bringing a friend and having a conversation about anything but schoolwork (or spending the entire time venting about it) will help you relax and let you feel refreshed enough to get your work done.

4) Don’t just eat – eat well. Take a break from Ramen/gross dining hall food/your healthy finals diet and splurge a little on your favorite meal. Whether it’s a solo dinner at your all time favorite Zagat-rated restaurant or a double quarter pounder and fries, treating yourself will make you feel recharged and decadent for a few minutes.

Turn off the computer and set down the books while you do it – space out and watch your favorite show for a while, or eat at the dining room table for a real temporary escape.

5) Take a nap! Just don’t sleep longer than an hour or so – your mother was right, it will throw off your sleep schedule and it will keep you from falling asleep at night.

Often, the best naps are about twenty minutes long or so, just long enough to let you recharge and turn off your brain for a few minutes. Plus, sleep helps your brain to sort of process new information, so if you’re feeling scrambled, take a guilt free nap – it actually does help you study!

What do you love to do when you procrastinate?

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