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Student Tips: College Life

Student Tips: College Life

By Contributing Fastweb student members

June 05, 2007

We asked Fastweb users to share their advice on college life, based on their personal experiences. Here’s what they said:

“Try not to hold on to what is familiar to you. You have a chance to be anything you want. Let the world around you influence you and teach you. College prepares you for the future, but everything else helps you find yourself.”

— Cholakocee Werito, Oklahoma State University

“In the long run it can be almost beneficial to live with 30 other people. These people might turn out to be your best friends. So if you can get over the fact that you are showering with 10 other people or that you will never go to the bathroom alone again, then dorm life will be a breeze. There are plenty of other things about college life that will make up for the living situations, like the irreplaceable friendships you will make.”

— Brianne Williamson, SUNY Fredonia

“My advice for all of the new freshman out there is to breathe and relax. Of course you’re going to be nervous because everything is so new, but high school was like this too. Enjoy it.”

— Terra Creekmore, Lamar State College

“Be sure to have something in your room that can be locked to hold those items you want to keep safe. I have a footlocker that I padlock. In it, I store my CDs, video games, blank checks, receipts and other items. Also, room fresheners are a must-have. No matter how often we clean the room, they seem to make it smell a little better.”

— Kellen Raab, Butler County Community College

“Don’t worry if you don’t know right away what you want to major in. Everyone changes their major a number of times. If you are having trouble deciding, just think of the things you like doing best and whether or not you can turn that into a career.”

— Samantha Bruno, Valencia Community College

“Most parties in college will have alcohol. It is up to you to decide whether or not you drink. If you do drink, please do not drive because you could really hurt yourself and others. Remember that there are consequences to what you do.”

— Veronica Davis, Tarleton State University

“Communicate with your school before you get there. Call the school if you don’t know what you should be doing. Write a list of the questions that you have. The people in the admissions and housing offices are very knowledgeable and will be your best bet for answers.”

— Amy Netzel, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

“Keep a planner notebook so you can set up your schedule each day. Make sure you allow time for your studies. Time management is the key to get through school.”

— Arelis Bruno, Palo Alto Community College

“I would advise incoming freshmen to get involved. This is a great way to meet friends. Friends are a very important part of school. College is very stressful and you need someone who can relate to you.”

— Sarah Buckner, Bowling Green State University

“Keep on top of your work because exams and finals sneak up on you. It’s college and you only have one chance, so make the most of it, get involved and, most important, HAVE FUN!”

— Brenna Rae Plutino, Western New England College

“Don’t be afraid to talk to your roommate and tell him or her how you feel. Set some rules when sharing the same space, like lights out by 12:00 a.m. or go to the study room to do homework. Don’t try to get even with your roommate; just try to come up with a better system.”

— Destiny Zivica, Northern Arizona University

“Understand the value of your education before you lose it. Don’t waste time, money and large portions of your life because it’s more fun to skip class and go drinking. Listen to someone who has been there and is now working her butt off to make up for it.”

— Jocelyn Silcox, Middle Tennessee State University

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