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    How Do I Become Independent on the FAFSA If I Am Under Age 24?

    How Do I Become Independent on the FAFSA If I Am Under Age 24?
    If my son applies for public assistance and does his own financial aid, will he be able to apply as independent next year? In addition, (assuming he's able to) would I be able to claim him on my income tax returns this year? He is 19 years old. My goal is to get him as much financial aid as possible. I ...
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    Income and Financial Aid Eligibility

    In general, with the student not working and in a home with mom and dad both working, what is the maximum income they can earn and still qualify for financial aid? — Tracee N. Federal student aid is awarded based on the student and parent income and assets, household size, number of children in college and a variety of other factors. ...
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    Students Lose Financial Aid for Failure to Make Satisfactory Academic Progress

    I have been attending college for some time now. Ever since my mom passed away I have been really shaking with some of my classes. Last semester I did decent: I got an A, two Cs and a D. But my appeal for financial aid got denied. I had to pay out of pocket for the spring semester and I won't ...
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    Student Aid and Scholarships for Second Degree Students

    I am thinking about going back to school to get a second bachelors degree. Because I already have a B.A. degree, it seems that I am not able to receive any aid other than student loans. Is this true or am I missing something? — Josh S. Student with a prior Bachelor's degree are ineligible for the Pell Grant, Academic Competitiveness ...
    Published about 6 years ago | Rated: +11
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    FAFSA Checklist

    FAFSA Checklist
    The FAFSA: one of - if not the most, daunting of financial aid forms. The name alone can make students shudder in fear. But, there’s no reason to be afraid! We've got you covered; letting you know everything you need before you even think about filling out the form. It’s important to gather all the necessary information and materials beforehand. Trust ...
    Published 16 days ago | Rated: +49
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    President Obama Proposes Cuts in Aid Programs to Preserve Pell Grant

    President Obama is proposing to cut some student aid programs to maintain the maximum Pell Grant at $5,550 in 2011-12 as part of the FY2012 federal budget request. This comes after the House Republican leadership proposed cutting the maximum Pell Grant by $845 on Friday. The Pell Grant program has a $20 billion funding shortfall due to large increases in the ...
    Published almost 5 years ago | Rated: -1002
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    How Do I File the FAFSA in January When Tax Returns Can't Be Filed That Early?

    Several universities that we have visited have stressed the importance of getting you FAFSA completed in January. If we don't have all of our financial and tax information yet, how can we complete the application that early? — Claudia G. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) should be submitted as soon as possible after January 1. While the federal ...
    Published almost 5 years ago | Rated: +26
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    Would Forgiving Student Loans Stimulate the Economy?

    Would Forgiving Student Loans Stimulate the Economy?
    Several grass-roots groups were established on Facebook in early 2009 calling for the cancellation of all student loan debt under the theory that this will stimulate the economy. Most noteworthy is the group Cancel Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy (see also founded by Robert Applebaum, a New York attorney. This group has grown to have more than 220,000 ...
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    How Do I Transfer Financial Aid from One College to Another?

    If I change schools, how do I edit my FAFSA so the money goes to my new school? And about how long would it take for the money to transfer schools? — Q.T. Student financial aid does not directly transfer between colleges. Instead, the new college will recalculate your eligibility from scratch based on the information on your FAFSA and the ...
    Published over 4 years ago | Rated: +9
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    Programs and Scholarships to Pay Off Student Loans

    Programs and Scholarships to Pay Off Student Loans
    If you’re like the millions of students looking for a way out of your student loans; I've got good news for you. There are alternatives but, as with most things in life, there’s a tiny catch. What's the catch? If you’re willing to do some good for the world (gasp!) and volunteer, there are plenty of programs that will be willing ...
    Published over 1 year ago | Rated: +29
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    Why Do Students Drop Out of College?

    A study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation found that the main reason why students drop out of college is the conflict between school and work and family commitments. The study, With Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them, was conducted by Public Agenda, a nonprofit and nonpartisan public policy research organization. Many students who drop out of college have ...
    Published almost 6 years ago | Rated: +12
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    Top 10 Tips for Financial Aid

    Top 10 Tips for Financial Aid
    Financial aid is not easily understood, but fortunately for you, there are plenty of experts that can provide helpful tips and tricks for navigating the process. Here are just a few: Tip 1: Prioritize your efforts, starting with the federal government. Then turn to the private sector for additional assistance. Visit to learn about all your funding opportunities. Tip 2: ...
    Published 6 months ago | Rated: +179
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    Grads to Get a Break on Student Loan Payments

    Grads to Get a Break on Student Loan Payments
    If you're struggling to make your monthly student loan payments on your measly first-job salary, you're not alone. The good news is, the government is taking notice -- and changing the game to make sure monthly payments don't cripple college grads. Even better, whatever you haven't paid off after 25 years may be forgiven. With this new option, instead of calculating ...
    Published over 6 years ago | Rated: +253
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    Congress Raises Debt Ceiling, with Shifts and Cuts in Student Aid Funding

    Congress passed the Budget Control Act of 2011 on Tuesday, August 2, 2011, raising the debt ceiling at the last minute. The debt deal cuts some student loan benefits, especially for graduate and professional students, but avoids a more severe cut in government grants for undergraduate students. The Budget Control Act of 2011 passed the US House of Representatives by a ...
    Published over 4 years ago | Rated: +14
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    Secrets to Settling Defaulted Federal Student Loan Debts for Less than What You Owe

    Your federal student loans are in default and collection agencies are calling you dozens of times a day. They are threatening to garnish your wages, offset your income tax refunds and ruin your credit. They may even have crossed the line into harassment, calling you a worthless person and threatening you with physical harm. Are there any ways of getting out ...
    Published over 5 years ago | Rated: +13
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    When Will the Financial Aid Award Letter Arrive?

    I am new to all of this and I am wondering how soon we find out how much financial aid we will be getting. My son has been accepted at 3 colleges and each one wants money to secure his place. One is way more expensive than the others but if we get enough aid he can go there. The deposit ...
    Published over 4 years ago | Rated: +13
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    Trick or Treat: President Obama's Plan for Cutting Federal Student Loan Payments

    Income-based Repayment Who: 1.6 million borrowers since 2008 with at least one loan in 2012 or later, generally borrowers whose total federal student loans exceeds their annual income What: Reduces cap on monthly loan payments by a third, from 15% of discretionary income to 10%, and forgives the remaining debt in 20 years instead of 25 When: Starts in 2012 ...
    Published about 4 years ago | Rated: +24
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    Can a Student be Cut Off from Financial Aid After Taking Too Many Credits?

    I am currently in community college, hoping to transfer to a traditional 4-year college and then proceed to get my masters in teaching. Where my frustration lies is this: I had a different career focus before and was taking classes toward fulfilling that goal. Now my college's financial aid administrator says that I have taken too many credits at the community ...
    Published over 3 years ago | Rated: +6
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    Economy Causes Panic over Paying for School

    Economy Causes Panic over Paying for School
    This year more than ever, the economy is making it more difficult for families to pay for college. The number of financial aid applications is up more than 10% over last year. Lenders are suspending loan programs and tightening credit standards. Families are concerned -- really concerned -- about obtaining loans and paying for college. Add in the possibility of job ...
    Published over 6 years ago | Rated: +80
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    How to Minimize Student Loan Debt

    How to Minimize Student Loan Debt
    Try to avoid overborrowing for your college education. Do not treat loan limits as targets. A good rule of thumb is that your total education debt for your entire college education should be less than your expected starting salary after you graduate. Ideally your student loan debt should be less than half your expected starting salary. Other signs of over-borrowing include ...
    Published over 4 years ago | Rated: +18