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    College Just Got Cheaper: Federal Loan Interest Rates Drop

    College Just Got Cheaper: Federal Loan Interest Rates Drop
    If you plan to borrow to pay for school during the 2015 – 2016 school year, there’s good news ahead. The cost to borrow just got cheaper. New Stafford loans will have an interest rate of 4.29% and will save about $117 in interest over the life of a $5,500 loan, as stated by The Washington Post. Graduate students will receive ...
    Published 6 months ago | Rated: +10
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    Will Delaying a Bankruptcy Filing Affect Eligibility for Student Aid?

    My son is a senior in high school this year. I might have to file for bankruptcy. Should I file this year or wait until next year to file? — Rich N. Filing for bankruptcy will affect your eligibility for the Parent PLUS loan and your ability to cosign or borrow a private student loan. It will not otherwise affect your ...
    Published about 5 years ago | Rated: +12
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    Is a Student Who is Enrolled Simultaneously in High School and College Eligible for Federal Student Financial Aid?

    My 16-year-old son has passed an ability-to-benefit (ATB) test at a community college. He has been accepted has a regular student in a qualifying program but has not graduated from high school. The college is denying him the Federal Pell Grant because they are stating that he is enrolled in high school. My position is that in Florida he has passed ...
    Published over 4 years ago | Rated: +13
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    Conflicting Information about Trends in Net College Costs

    A report released today by The Center for College Affordability and Productivity (CCAP), discusses trends in net tuition and net price at US colleges and universities. Net Tuition and Net Price Trends in the United States: 2000-2009 reports that "At four year colleges, net tuition has increased by around one thousand dollars over a time period when per capita income has ...
    Published about 4 years ago | Rated: +8
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    When Grandma Moves In, Does It Help or Hurt Financial Aid Eligibility?

    Grandma is moving in with her Social Security check. Does this help or hurt my FAFSA results? Does her Social Security check count towards my parents' income on the FAFSA? — Doreen Y. The answer is complicated and depends on whether Grandma receives the Social Security benefits in her own name or whether they are received by your parents on her ...
    Published over 5 years ago | Rated: +6
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    Ask for a Professional Judgment Review for One-Time Events

    In our base year, my spouse will have a one-time job that will significantly raise our income for one year only. We have significant credit card debt and no savings for our child's college education. We plan to use the extra income to pay down our debt and to have money available to help with college costs. But will this one ...
    Published almost 4 years ago | Rated: +4
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    Questions about Obtaining and Repaying Student Loans

    How will my credit score effect my ability to get the funding I need for graduate school? If my credit is not great, will I be able to get the loans I need to cover my college costs? — Katy C. The federal Stafford loan does not depend on your credit history. As a graduate student you will be able to ...
    Published about 6 years ago | Rated: +10
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    Dad Died, Mom Remarried; Grandma Moved In. How do These Changes Affect My FAFSA?

    We recently had an addition in the family. Not a new sibling, but my mother's mom is now living with us. She's great and we love having her, but she's not free. Should I change any info on my FAFSA because of this? — Sana B. If your grandmother lives with and receives more than half her support from your parents, ...
    Published about 6 years ago | Rated: +9
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    Can the FAFSA be Completed with Information from the Previous Year's Tax Returns?

    My daughter got accepted to her first-choice school, a private university, as an early-decision candidate. The school won't be able to tell us the amount of financial aid she will be offered until March. I am eager to file the FAFSA and CSS Financial Aid PROFILE forms as soon as possible, as I've heard this helps maximize the amount of aid ...
    Published almost 3 years ago | Rated: +5
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    Insider Secrets: FAFSA - Free Application For Federal Student Aid

    Financial aid is a complicated topic with an alphabet soup of acronyms like FAFSA and EFC, rolling deadlines and (seemingly) endless forms, rules and regulations. But with the state of the economy, you're most likely going to have to get some sort of outside help in your pursuit of higher education. Don't panic! This video will provide you with answers ...
    Published almost 6 years ago | Rated: +3
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    Questions about Maintaining and Regaining Eligibility for Federal Education Loans

    I have a sophomore in college right now and will have another child starting her freshman year in college next year. We were approved for a Stafford Loan and a Parent PLUS loan for our son this year. We will need to have student loans to finance the entire amount of both kids' education. Will we be able to continue to ...
    Published almost 6 years ago | Rated: +9
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    Aboriginal Art and College Cost Bubbles

    Aboriginal Art and College Cost Bubbles
    What does Australian aboriginal art have to do with college costs? Read on. When I was a research scientist at a software laboratory over a decade ago, I purchased a few paintings by aboriginal artists during a trip to Australia to present a paper at an international computer science conference. Australian aboriginal art is intriguing because it is both primitive and ...
    Published almost 4 years ago | Rated: +2
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    When Does Repayment Begin on a Subsidized Loan?

    When does a student have to start paying back a subsidized loan? — A.A. If the loan is a subsidized Stafford loan, repayment begins 6 months after graduating from college or dropping below half-time enrollment status. If the loan is a Perkins loan, repayment begins 9 months after graduating from college or dropping below half-time enrollment status. The 6 or 9 ...
    Published over 4 years ago | Rated: +6
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    Department of Education Launches New Income-Based Repayment Plan

    Department of Education Launches New Income-Based Repayment Plan
    For years, President Obama has advocated for college students and graduates, and one of his biggest proposals to help the student loan debt crisis has become a reality for millions of borrowers. This summer, both President Obama and Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, called for changes to the current student loan repayment system, and as of the end of October, a ...
    Published 16 days ago | Rated: +10
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    Student Loans: What to Know Before You Borrow & Repayment Planning

    Student Loans: What to Know Before You Borrow & Repayment Planning
    Americans owe nearly $1.2 trillion – and counting – in student loans, according to the National Journal. Yep, that’s trillion with a “T.” I don’t know about you, but that seems like an awful lot of dough to me. Here are some other fun facts the National Journal oh-so-kindly pointed out: “Student-loan debt is increasingly a problem for senior citizens.” I ...
    Published 3 months ago | Rated: +23
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    Time to panic about prepaid tuition plans?

    Time to panic about prepaid tuition plans?
    The New York Times reported on October 5, 2009 that 16 of the 18 state prepaid tuition plans are facing funding shortfalls because of a combination of stock market losses and increases in tuition at public colleges. Only five state plans are backed by the full faith and credit of the state. While the other states will be under political pressure ...
    Published about 6 years ago | Rated: +7
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    Rolling US Savings Bonds into a 529 College Savings Plan for Tax-Free Treatment

    I read your article on rolling savings bonds into a 529 plan but I am still not sure of one thing. If we are over the income threshold for tax-free redemption, can we roll the bonds into the 529 and avoid paying taxes on the bonds? Then when we take deductions from the 529 to pay for qualified expenses do we ...
    Published over 3 years ago | Rated: +5
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    Drowning in Six-Figure Debt for a Low-Paying Field of Study

    I am going to be attending a New York university this spring as a music major. My ultimate goal is to get a doctorate of ethnomusicology and to teach at a university while also completing fieldwork research. My loan debt will be very high (at least $100,000). Do you know how to attempt to get a high-paying college job right out ...
    Published almost 5 years ago | Rated: +7
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    Must the Student's Child Live with the Student for the Student to be Independent?

    I'm 23 and have a 4-year-old child. Last year I received independent status for my financial aid because I supported my child more than 51% of his needs. This year the financial aid office asked for the same documents as last year but told me that I couldn't be an independent student because I didn't have enough documented proof. I explained ...
    Published about 3 years ago | Rated: +5
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    How a Decrease in College Endowments Will Impact Your Child's College

    How a Decrease in College Endowments Will Impact Your Child's College
    Over the last decade, colleges enjoyed double-digit increases in their endowments. A college’s endowment is not only a sign of an institution’s financial strength, but it also allows the institution to fund new projects. With alumni donations, many colleges expanded academic programs, refurbished campus facilities, and improved financial aid awards. College endowments, however, are not immune to the drastic downturn in ...
    Published over 6 years ago | Rated: +15