Clinton Promises Free Tuition to Public Colleges

With a nod to Bernie, Clinton proposes free college.

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

July 13, 2016

Clinton Promises Free Tuition to Public Colleges

On July 12, Senator Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Presidential nominee. This came after a long, arduous battle between the two, with Clinton being more of an “establishment” choice and Sanders riding on grassroots support. Though Clinton clinched the nomination, Sanders and his supporters have had a great deal of influence over the former Secretary of State’s campaign platform.

One of Sander’s biggest points on the campaign was free college tuition; and it looks like in addition to garnering support from people all over the county, he caught the ear of the Clinton Campaign. In a nod to Senator Sanders and his supporters, Clinton announced on July 6 that she would be campaigning on a platform of free college tuition.

Since the launch of her campaign, Clinton has been a proponent of making college more affordable. She’s highlighted her plans through the New College Compact, which calls for changes to the Pell Grant and making community college free. Now, she’s outlined a more comprehensive plan for making tuition free to students attending four-year public colleges as well.

Families making $85,000 or less annually will qualify for free tuition at in-state, public colleges upon launch of the program. By 2021, families with incomes of $125,000 or less will qualify for free tuition. This plan will cover a whopping 80% of families.

In addition to this proposal, the Clinton campaign will advocate to suspend all federal student loan payments for three months in order to provide borrowers the opportunity to refinance their loans for lower rates.

Other Democrats are jumping on board during this election cycle and promising free tuition through their campaigns as well. Funding for these plans depends on state participation. It will also include limiting certain tax expenditures for high-income taxpayers, according to Clinton’s website.

Check out Hillary Clinton’s plans in full on her website: New College Compact.

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