The United States Army is the largest and oldest branch of the United States armed forces and is responsible for land-based military operations.

Army Scholarships

Here are a few Army scholarships currently on Fastweb that can help you pay for school.


The Army ROTC gives recruits the opportunity to attend college and graduate with a job as an Officer in the Army. Army ROTC provides students with full tuition scholarships, living allowances or funds for books and lab fees. It’s the perfect way to fund an education and get a jump start on a career in the Military. Get more information about Army ROTC here.

Montgomery GI Bill

The Montgomery GI Bill is for those who have enlisted in the Armed Forces. Under the program, members of the Armed Forces can enroll in up to 36 months of education benefits. These benefits are payable for up to 10 years upon release from active duty, according to the Montgomery GI Bill.

Active duty members can earn up to $1,360 a month in educational training funds for three years or more of full-time service under the Montgomery GI Bill.

Olmsted Scholar Program

The Olmsted Scholar Program seeks to award students seeking a graduate degree in a foreign language or other foreign educational field. To be eligible, applicants must be Officers in either the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps branches. Spouses of Officers chosen to be a part of The Olmsted Scholar Program are also eligible for financial assistance.

As part of The Olmsted Scholar Program, selected Officers and their spouses receive in-country language training grants as well as tuition grants for attendance at a foreign university, given to the Officer only.

Imagine America Military Award Program

The Imagine America Military Award Program is a $1,000 scholarship open to members of the military branches. To qualify, recipients must be active duty, reservist, honorably discharged, or a veteran. As part of the Imagine America Military Award Program, applicants must also be planning on enrolling and completing postsecondary education and demonstrate financial need.

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Education Benefits

The Army recognizes the importance of education. While skills training is a priority in the Army, there is much encouragement for soldiers to attend college and further their education outside of the Army. The Army offers assistance for furthering your education as well as paying off existing student loans.

Tuition Assistance

There are a variety of financial assistance opportunities for enlistees in the Army:

Army Tuition Assistance (TA) – Enables active duty members to pursue off-site voluntary educational opportunities. Pays 100% of tuition up to $4,500 per year.

The Post-9/11 Bill – Educational assistance for undergraduate and graduate programs, vocational and technical training, tutorial assistance, books, housing and supplies. Available up to 15 years after release from active duty and can be transferred to spouses and dependents as well.

The Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) – Provides up to 36 months of educational assistance for degree and certificate programs, flight training, apprenticeship/on-the-job training and correspondence courses. Payable up to 10 years after release from active duty.

The Army's Loan Repayment Program (LRP) is a special enlistment incentive that the Army offers to highly qualified applicants at the time of enlistment. Under the LRP, the Army will repay up to $65,000 of a soldier's qualifying student loans.

Specialized Programs

Army ROTC - The Army ROTC program enables enlistees to attend college with a partial or full tuition scholarship as well as a monthly living stipend. After graduation, ROTC members begin their service commitment as Officers in the Army. Find out more about Army ROTC.

Montgomery GL Bill Kicker - The Army Reserve offers a selected Reserve Montgomery GI Bill up to $11,988. If you qualify for and accept a critical skill position in the Army Reserve you could earn an additional MGIB Kicker.

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Life in the Army

Job Benefits

The Army can help you find great jobs both during and after your term of enlistment. As a veteran of the Army, there are programs and benefits that can help you get ahead in life.

Pay: In addition to pay increases over time and increased rank, you will also see an increase in cost of living expenses each year.

Housing and Food Allowance: Members who live and eat on base can take advantage of free housing, including utilities and maintenance. This amount also increases periodically through cost of living adjustments.

Savings: The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) functions much like a 401(K), allowing members to invest a monthly sum into a long-term savings account. These savings belong to you regardless of if they serve the 20-year commitment set forth in retirement plans.

Retirement: After 20 years of service in the Army, you are able to retire with no payroll deductions.

Insurance: The Army offers competitive medical, dental and life insurance. Family members are privy to these benefits as well.

Vacation/Travel: You can receive up to 30 days of vacation every year.

Signing Bonus: There is potential to receive a combination of bonuses up to $40,000.

Family Life

The Army strives to provide all the necessities of civilian life on base, including shopping, schools, veterinary and legal services that military personnel and their dependents have access to with their ID cards. These services are also often free or offered at a deep discounted rate.

• Schools on base
• Child-development centers
• Childcare programs
• Special needs aid
• Medical facilities
• Parks
• Swimming pools
• Recreation centers
• OneSource, which provides information on topics such as parenting and child care, education, relocation, financial and legal matters, emotional issues, well-being, grief and loss, addiction, and deployment and reunion issues.

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Getting Started

Research. Just like you would research colleges online or buying a car, it’s important to research the decision to join the Army. Online, you can get a comprehensive grasp of what it means to be a member of the U.S. Army. Check out It has plenty of helpful content for parents and spouses as well.

Contact. If you’re convinced that service in the Army is right for you, get in touch with a recruiter. A recruiter will be your guide to getting in as well as offering up first-hand testimony of how the Army directs your education, career and life in general. A recruiter knows the importance of this decision, and will help you decide if you have what it takes to enroll.

Basic training. Basic training is your first exposure to life as a member of the Army. If you have at least two or more years remaining toward your undergraduate degree but not enough time to complete the Basic Course, you can enter the Army ROTC Advanced Course by completing the Leader's Training Course held at Fort Knox, Kentucky, during the summer.

Location. During your time in basic training, you’re given the opportunity to set living preferences in the state and overseas, keep in mind no location is guaranteed.

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