Purrrrrr.That's right – a bald cat. While Blue Belle may not look like the average cat, she has a fierce drive to prove that she's more than just "different." In fact, she's special, and her specialty is winning. 

In 2009 - 2010, she dominated the cat competition circuit with her Master and financial aid guru, Mark Kantrowitz, taking home titles like "Best Peterbald, Mid-Atlantic Region" and "Best Blue Point Peterbald" at The International Cat Association (TICA) competitions. But after clinching her championship title, winning cat competitions grew dull, and Blue Belle turned her sights to something bigger.

Shortly after her decision to retire, Blue Belle stumbled upon Fastweb while searching the web for a greater challenge.  It was a life defining moment, and that's when she embarked on a new mission: helping students win scholarships.

Blue Belle has drawn on her competitive spirit and ability to stick out from the crowd as well as tips and tricks for success that she's learned from her Master, Kantro. 

Today, she's molding members of the Fastweb community into irresistible scholarship applicants and dishing out advice on paying for college. Be on the lookout for Blue Belle's tidbits for winning scholarships on Fastweb and Facebook, and you could not only find yourself with money to pay for school but in league with a true champion.

Secrets to Winning a Scholarship