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So, you’re almost done with college. But that doesn’t mean you don’t still need cash for tuition—and a job after graduation! We’ll help you find both.

FastWeb is the leading Internet scholarship search—but we’re so much more! We’ve got the information you need on day to day college life, news on financial aid and student life advice. We're also equiped to not only help you with your job search but to prepare you for the process with resume and cover letter tips, advice on how to ace your interviews, and even guidance on your first few weeks at your new job!

Thinking of Going to Grad School? Look No Further!

If you're thinking of grad school, we've got you covered. FastWeb has everything you need to know to succeed in your standardized tests. But before you register for that exam heed our advice:

PLUS: Are Test Prep Classes Worth the cash? Find out if standardized test preparation classes like Kaplan and Princeton Review will improve your test scores. And, learn how to raise your score even if you can't afford the classes. Find out before you spend your cash.

Grad School Test Dates

The 411 on grad school exams:

All About the GRE

An admission requirement for many graduate schools, if you're taking it, use our GRE tools below:

GRE Strategy: Overview
What Your GRE Score Means



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Should You Prefer Your Preferred Lender List?

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Student Loan Glossary

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5 Reasons Personalized Study Plans are Effective

5 Reasons Personalized Study Plans are Effective

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How to Be a Successful College Freshman

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