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    The ACT: Why You Should Consider This SAT Alternative

    The ACT: Why You Should Consider This SAT Alternative
    For years the ACT has existed in the shadow of the more popular SAT. This may now be changing. Find out why you should pay attention to the ACT. The ACT Can Get You In The ACT emerged in 1959 as an alternative to the SAT, which has been in existence since 1926. The ACT has never gained the level of ...
    Published over 8 years ago | Rated: +100
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    Virtual Campus Tours

    Sometimes traveling halfway across the country to check out all the campuses on your college list isn't possible. You can still learn your way around the quad and see what dorm rooms really look like with online college tours. in Ithaca, New York, offers slide shows, video tours, audio clips and commentaries from students on topics ranging from academics to social ...
    Published almost 8 years ago | Rated: -26
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    College Choice Questions

    College Choice Questions
    Eureka! The perfect college – but is it too good to be true? Maybe it’s the pessimist in you, but you want answers and you want them NOW. Some are harder to find than others, especially in those oh-so-impressively-glossy brochures. So, where can you get the answers? Contacting the school and asking the right questions in the right way will give ...
    Published 3 months ago | Rated: +82
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    You've Applied. Now What?

    You've Applied. Now What?
    January, February and some of March aren’t just dull months in terms of weather but also in the admissions process. After months of standardized testing, campus visits and arduous applications it feels a bit odd to sit and do nothing. But your applications are in – what can you do?! You can start by filling out the FAFSA. This first “to-do” ...
    Published 9 months ago | Rated: +128