Travel Horror Stories

September 05, 2008

Traveling wouldn’t be interesting if every trip went smoothly. Just hope one of these disasters that other FastWeb users shared with us doesn’t strike your next trip.

Rachel hadn’t seen her mom in two months, and was looking forward to a weekend at home when a hurricane appeared in the forecast. She thought she’d make it back to school before the storm hit. “We kept watching the storm, and decided since it was moving so slowly we’d be back before it even reached our homes in Broward County. Boy, were we wrong! Wilma sped up and hit us in the wee hours of Monday morning. Luckily, our school was closed for Monday and I endured the worst Hurricane that Broward County has seen in 60 years with my family.” - Rachel Storey, University of Central Florida

Mai’lani was on a flight from Hawaii when something started to smell. “The smell was crawling up my nose and burning my eyes. I thought I was just being paranoid, but as I looked around, everyone else around me pretty much had the same look of disgust. About three minutes later the stewardess informed us that an elderly man’s catheter had broken open and spilled while on the plane, and what made it worse was that it got on this man’s clothes. Thankfully, the man sitting in front of me was generous enough to give up some clothes so the man could have new clothes.” - Mai’lani Marquez, Tacoma Community College

“I was coming home from college for the first time and taking the bus. It was my first time taking the bus so I was a little nervous. I was slightly sick on top of that. The bus ride was supposed to take five hours, and I had to change buses once. At the bus station where I’m supposed to change buses I find out that the bus I was supposed to be on had just left. The next bus scheduled to leave for my hometown wouldn’t leave for five hours. It’s after 7 p.m. on a Friday night, I’m stuck in a bus terminal for five hours, everything is closed, and I’m sick. It was horrible.” - Krystyna, State University of New York College in Oneonta

On her way home from Toronto Jennifer got bumped to a later flight. “When I arrived in San Francisco, I leaned I had missed [my connection] and would have to wait until morning for the next flight. I was tired, hungry, and scared because I had never done anything like this before. Instead of paying the money for a cab and going to a motel, plus not wanting to miss the next flight, I spent the night in the airport with only a leather jacket to keep me warm and only my backpack as my pillow. I caught my flight at 5:00 a.m. and managed to fly home by 11:00 a.m.” - Jennifer Schipper, Shasta Bible College

Jude drove from Dubuque, Iowa to Wheaton, Illinois with thousands of dollars worth of video equipment to shoot an interview for a documentary. The trouble started when he forgot to put a tape in the camera for the interview. Next, his car overheated on the drive back to Iowa and his cell phone battery died. "Once the tow truck brought me to town to leave my car at a local dealership, I asked if the driver could take me to a motel. He agreed, but said that he must first go out and take another car in. So I’m left at a dealership waiting in my car, in November, late at night waiting for a tow truck to take me to a motel. Two hours later, he finally shows up, drops me at a motel where the “desk clerk” is behind a glass window with bars over it. He charges me the $40 for the room and I finally am able to contact my parents.

I put a banana in my book bag in case I got hungry and forgot about it. Somehow my laptop smashed the banana into my CD drive and ruined it." - Jude Wilbers, Loras College

“Traffic from a Dallas Cowboys game caused me to miss my flight. I waited for two hours in Dallas to fly stand-by on the next flight home to Washington, D.C. That flight turned out to be full, so an employee instructed me to take the next flight to O’Hare, and then catch a connecting flight home. He neglected to tell me that O’Hare had been having major problems that day, and many of its flights had been cancelled.

When I got to Chicago, I tried to get on nearly a dozen flights home, but every one was full. I was forced to spend the night on an airport bench with other strangers who had the same problem. I was finally able to get on a flight at 9 a.m. and returned home around 1 p.m. This meant that I had missed all of my classes on Monday, including a midterm in one." - Lane Robbins, James Madison University

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